Sci-Fi Romance on BookFunnel

Sci-Fi Romance Book Fair on BookFunnel now to the 17th From February 3-17, 2021, BookFunnel has sci-fi romance books that are on Kindle Unlimited. I've put my first book, Mine in with the other great sci-fi romance books. It's been a while since I've brought up my first few books. So, I'd like to introduce … Continue reading Sci-Fi Romance on BookFunnel

Psy-Bond Series on BookFunnel

So many authors are putting their books at low prices or participating in giveaways. We're trying to help everyone who has to stay home find something entertaining. I've put my first series, The Psy-Bond Series on the BookFunnel "My Carona! Self-Isolation Entertainment" event. Cute name, amiright? I didn't come up with it though. There are … Continue reading Psy-Bond Series on BookFunnel