Aoki and Talia Book Sale

I just wanted to remind those who might be interested that two of my books in the three-book Watcher Series will be on sale on Amazon tomorrow

Aoki, The Watchers Book One will be FREE February 17 – 21, 2020

Aoki high res
Aoki The Watchers Book One

Aoki, shamed by his brother’s treachery comes to Earth to participate in a program designed to bring three races together. He finds love and hidden danger on Earth…

Aoki Uisneach is an esteemed Hunter from Otron who has chased dangerous criminals throughout the Universe, but he faces the one thing that almost does him in; his brother’s murderous rage against a human and Aoki’s own family. He volunteers to participate in an educational program on Earth that brings Otronians, Beings, and Humans together. Once at the Exchange House, he meets the one woman who is his mate. Can Aoki learn to trust again and share his painful past with his housemates to let love heal his broken heart?
Charley Aldridge is a self-described ordinary, chubby eighth-grade history teacher who has been burned in love before. When her roommate encourages her to participate in the Exchange House Program she puts her foot down in a definite ‘no’ but her roommate has other plans. Because of her name, she’s been mistaken as a man and put at the Exchange House with two gorgeous male aliens. Charley soon falls for both men but can she overcome her insecurities to allow them to love her in return?
Flynn is a Being Scientist who’s just finished his emotion restoring injections. With his new emotions, the brilliant Doctor finds his attraction to his female housemate almost more than he can bear. Feeling things he’s never expected, he knows the other man in the Exchange House has more than friendship in mind for their female housemate. Can he learn to trust his new feelings and share Charley’s love with Aoki and not allow jealousy to ruin his chance at love?
This story contains true love that must overcome many obstacles, a wolf who wants his mate, a scientist with love on his mind and a hidden danger that threatens a hot ménage relationship with plenty of m/f/m loving.

Reviews for Aoki

“Aoki is one of my favorite reads of the year so far, and that is no exaggeration book lovers as it is incredible!” ~ Red Headed Book Lover

“What is not to like about this book? There is a “melt your panties” smoking hot menage as well as fantastic writing and a great story.” ~ TroubleAmazon Reviewer

“What an excellent book to read. From the start to the finish this author spins this wonderful story of three species in an educational programme.” ~ Mozzy, Amazon Reviewer

Talia, The Watchers Book Three will be .99cents February 17 – 21, 2020

talia high res
Talia.,The Watchers Book Three

Talia Caomhanach is the highest-ranked female on her home planet of Otron. After two attacks on her people on Earth, she agrees to meet with the liaison of the American Military over the Exchange House Program. Knowing Elio is her mate, as an Elite it’s something that is forbidden for her, Talia struggles with hiding her feelings for the human.
General Elio Vargas grew up in a military household and has made the Air Force his career, but he’s not happy that he’s going to be stuck in a house with the sexy Head of the Otronian High Council to learn about her people. He was burned once when his wife left him, and he fights his feelings behind walls he’s spent years building.
The couple hides their attraction behind anger and fear until they can no longer fight the pull of their desire. But treachery on Otron leads to murders on a distant planet, possibly sinking Talia’s peaceful homeworld into war. Can Talia and Elio find a way to survive their forbidden love and save her world?

This book contains aliens we’ve never met before as the humans’ Universe expands, true love, old friends, and of course an HEA.

Reviews for Talia:

“The Watchers series is fresh and new, I love the way she blend genres in to a exciting new thread,her characters have depth, warmth and energy, you will want to add these new friends.” ~ Penny, Amazon Reviewer

“Very interesting to read. It’s not just romance and steamy sex, this book has great plot and great world-building.” ~ M., Amazon Reviewer

“If you love paranormal romance books this is for you!! I absolutely love the story between Talia and Elio! The book is hot and steamy. I couldn’t have asked for a better read. I highly recommend this book!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

If you get a chance, check out Harliss, The Watchers Book Two

harliss high res
Harliss The Watchers Book Two

Reviews of Harliss:

Four Stars “This romance is scorching hot with lots of electric chemistry and sizzling excitement. The characters are strong, intriguing and easily pull readers into their story, which has an overall fun and decadent feel to it.” E. L. Hurley, InDtale Magazine, February 2019

“Harliss is a really good book. I had not previously read anything by M.D. Stewart but I enjoyed Harliss so much I went back and read the first book in this series Aoki.” ~ G.M Amazon Reviewer

I hope you give this series a chance! If you like aliens, space travel and steamy, sexy characters, this series is for you! Check out the entire Watchers Series including Harliss, by clicking on the link.

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