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Celebrating 245 Author Page Likes

To celebrate 245 likes on my Facebook Author page, I have two eBooks to give away! Just go to my author page and leave a comment on the give away post pinned to the top of the page. I’ll choose two people at random on May 7, 2019 at 5pm.

I’ll give the winners a code to use on Amazon to download Devitt to their Kindle. Simple and easy! Here’s the link to my Author Page, and good luck


Devitt Giveaway on Amazon!

Devitt Fae Shifters Book One

Sorry I’ve been MIA! I’ve been working on several books and I’ve been battling some cold funk (finally went to the doctor). I’ve got a few book deals going on. Harliss, The Watchers Book Two will be free starting tomorrow (4/19), and Talia, The Watchers Book Three is 1.99. Both will be listed on sale until April 23rd. With Aoki, the first book in the series only .99, you can get the entire series for about three bucks!

That’s not my only news! My most popular series is The Fae Shifters. The first book, Devitt, I’ve put up as a giveaway. I’ll give 5 books for free if you participate in the contest. It’s a random person wins by entering by clicking a box. I think they’ll be offered until all 5 have been claimed! Here’s the link!

This is the link you can use if the one above doesn’t work. The link to the rules is included although you may have to copy/paste in your browser. Thank you so much for your support and good luck! See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Devitt (Fae Shifters Book 1) (Kindle Edition). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Apr 25, 2019 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules

IRL: In Real Life (An After Oscar Novel, Book 1)

A M/M Romance

Heat level: Steamy Rating: Five Stars

I love all things, Lucy Lennox. I’ve hunted down and downloaded her entire Made Marian and her Forever Wilde Series. I recently got the chance to read her newest venture; a collaboration with her sister Molly Maddox. I expected something great, but I got so much more than I even hoped. It begins with an accidental wrong number text and snowballs from there. It’s hot and the tension is strung tight for a while, but not so long the reader can take a breath and lose all interest. These ladies are very good and keeping the reader flipping pages to see what happens next.

First, I love books where I can see a character develop and grow. No one in, well real life, (pun intended) stays the same. With every event, either big or small, that happens to us changes us in some way. That’s good, usually. During this book, the main characters Wells Grange and Conor Newell come from two very different worlds, and that’s where these brilliant authors grab you. You have a suspicion that it’ll be a HEA, but you aren’t quite sure who’ll do the changing to make that possible.

Wells comes from a very wealthy family and through experience, learns that you can’t trust anyone in business. He’s hard, unrelenting and is known by the well-earned moniker “Glacier Grange.” And Conor, well, he’s a shy, sweet awe-shucks, people pleaser from a little town in North Carolina. Two opposite ends of the spectrum in background and love. One is a straight up commitment-phobe and the other, well he dreams of meeting The One.

To be honest, I would read Wells’ side of the story and go between liking the guy and wanting to strangle him. But isn’t that the hope of all readers, to be drawn into a character so much that your emotions are bouncing along with them on their journey?

And Conor? I just wanted to wrap that boy up and take him home and feed him like I would my kid. I ended up rooting for both characters to the point I kept looking at the percentage of the book read, and hoping I wasn’t nearing the end of the book. Again, something readers relish; a book so well written and so good you don’t want it to end.

Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the authors led me to a completely different way. I like that. I like being surprised thinking “I know what’s going to happen here” but then to have my head snapped into a totally different way, it’s fun.

If you get this book, I know you’ll enjoy it at, and then you can check out other books by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox. I already have all of Lucy’s book and plan on check out her sister’s work as well.

Thank you Aimee Ann

I haven’t been writing on my blog, and I hate that it’s been almost a month! I’ve been really busy writing, editing and promoting my books. I’ve also been listening to my released books and making little corrections here and there and republishing them.

Bran, the second book in the Fae Shifters series came out today, and I put the first book, Devitt on sale for 0.99 until January 23rd. I hope it helps bring fans to my books. I think I have everything readers might like. A series based on romance and aliens (The Psy-Bond, Watchers and Crossing the Line Series) and a series based on romance and shifters (Fae Shifters Series).

Devitt Fae Shifters Book One

Speaking of a the Fae Shifters, I got another stellar review from Aimee Ann at over at Red Headed Book Lovers blog! She’s amazing and I appreciate her reviews so much! I thought I’d attach the review for Devitt, and I hope you follow her blog if you haven’t already!

Getting A Great Review

So I’m excited to have a great review from Aimee Ann for Red Headed Book Lover! She made my day and made me cry for giving such a great review on my book Double Time. I’d like for you to read it and leave a comment or question and if you’d like to follow her blog, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

Please read it at

I’ll also be releasing the second book in the series called My Forever Love on January 3rd so if you want to read up on the series, read Double Time. Each book is a HEA stand alone, but you might get to know some cross-over characters and enjoy their story.

First Pre-Order for me

So, I’m kind of nervous. I’ve decided to do a pre-order for my book, My Forever Love. While I’ve not had many comments, only one actually, it wasn’t a “good” comment. Apparently, they didn’t like my blurb for the book. “Poor grammar,” they said. Grammarly didn’t think so, but whatever.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I suck at blurbs. I’d PAY someone to write them for me. Seriously. If they write good, interesting blurbs that got potential readers excited to buy my books! As it is, I just try to write what the book is about and not give away too much. It doesn’t always work though. I know this.

So, as it goes, I’m just plugging along, trying to grow tougher skin. I’m also trying to remember, not everyone likes Paranormal or Sci-Fi romance. That’s okay, I get it. I tried to be as polite to her as possible, thanking her for her critique. She jumped on me, that’s for sure. Even after I told her I was trying to be polite, she still jumped me. *sigh* I guess everyone assumes others react the same way we would. I suppose she thinks everyone is sarcastic and caustic.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon. I hope whoever gets it, they enjoy the heck out of it.