Cavas by Laurann Dohner – a Review

I have every single book that Laurann Dohner has published. Every one. And I’ve got my favorites especially Wrath from her New Species series, Glacier from her VLG series and Berrr’s Vow from her Zorn Warriors series. I love her Cyborg Seduction series too, but it’s hard for me to pick one of those though. Loving Deviant, Redeeming Zorus and Stealing Coal are all right up there for me.

If you aren’t sure about starting a long series, she does have a new Veslor Mates series with the first book out (The Gorison Traveler Incident) and the second (Mission Guardian Angel) is on pre-order to release February. Her Were series, Mating Heat has three published books and I know she’s working on a few of those. I also have her collaboration Were series with Kele Moon (two books) and her Rodeo/Native American-themed non-sci-fi series about the Raines Brothers (two books so far) Riding the Raines. She also has a stand-alone book with three related novella stories of vamps and werewolves called Claws and Fangs. Go to her Amazon Author Page to check out all her books and pick your favorite trope!

Now, for the review!

Her latest release is from one of her newest series, The Vorge Crew. This book is named Cavas and even though he wasn’t part of the original crew on the Vorge, he is the brother of the captain, Cathian (the MC of the first book). Both Cavas, and Cathian Veller are from a planet named Tryleksia and they are large men who have similar, facial features of a mixture of humans and lion. They also “life-lock” to their females, which ties them permanently to their mate.

Cavas is a well-written book that has excellent world-building. The characters are highly developed and fleshed out. I love the interaction between the crew! This book also has great action and suspense but the best part is; it’s low angst! I love stories where the Main Characters actually talk to each other. There’s something to be said for some conflict but I like the conflicts to be from outside sources.

Jill is the human who Cavas rescues while he’s searching for his and Cathian’s youngest littermate (Tryleskian females have litters of three to five babies). Of course, she’s a strong, capable woman, as Laurann writes short-in-stature, but fiery female protagonists! There is always more to their backstory that we learn and route for them to find their Happily Ever After.

I never give spoilers, so don’t look for them, but I will say the action, combined with the sexy times and the well-developed plot makes for a great read. While this book is fifth in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend reading them all though. They are shorter (novella) in length, so it can be read in one sitting, depending on how fast you read.

Read the blurb below:

Career military man Cavas Vellar has joined his older brother, Cathian, aboard The Vorge for one purpose—to rescue their youngest littermate. Their father has resorted to having him kidnapped to hide one of his most vile secrets. They need to go down onto a planet full of criminals, find Crath, and rescue him. This mission is the most important one Cavas has ever led.

Jill was betrayed when Earth sold her into alien slavery. She owes her life to Cavas and the Vorge crew for taking her out of a cell and to their ship. When she learns why they were on that planet to begin with…she feels it’s her duty to help them find their missing brother. Even if it means losing her recently gained freedom.

One determined alien on a mission. One woman who notices how sexy he is. This is their story.

Get your copy from Amazon here: Cavas by Laurann Dohner

Cavas, The Vorge Crew Book Five by Laurann Dohner Cover by Dar Albert

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