New Swag for Giveaways!

I’ve ordered swag!

I ordered ink pens, buttons, magnets, and bookmarks that I will give away on my website and my Facebook Author page once all my stuff comes in! If you haven’t stopped by either site, please do so! I’d love to have you in my group so we can interact.

Now for the cool stuff. The bookmarks and stickers will look like the picture below. The buttons will be round and about 1 1/4 inches. Being small so the website won’t be included on those! When I was a kid, the big trend was blue jean jackets with tons of buttons we collected and pinned all over the thing! We’d trade them too if we saw fit.

author brand

The magnets will look similar, but the background will be white. I hope they are tasteful enough for my readers to use and enjoy but will entice others to check my site out!

author brand light

I’m excited to try giveaways and hope you guys come to my website or sign up for my newsletter. I’ll be updating the newsletter about once a month unless something comes up and I need to drop exciting news before the scheduled date. I don’t want to inundate your inbox!

I also plan on working with BookSweeps and will put a free book on their site soon! I’m working hard in the background, so continue to hang out with me while I do! And, thank you for all the support, I really lean on that when I feel down.

Much love to you all!

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