The Breeding Experiment (Veslor Mates Book 3) by Laurann Dohner – A Review

The Breeding Experiment is a steamy M/F science fiction romance with first alien contact, and a strong human female Main Character who is relatable and sweet. The male Main Character (Veslor) is an honorable, sexy but misunderstood alien. Hints of forced proximity and consent, but there is no rape (not even close). It is implied in the backstory and a reoccurring theme in how females are treated on, Radison, the human-inhabited planet Darla and her younger sister are escaping in the story.

First of all, I don’t think there’s a Laurann Dohner book that I don’t own. If she’s published it, I’ve bought it and I’ve read it. This is a relatively new series as The Breeding Experiment only the third book. The Gorison Traveler Incident and Mission: Guardian Angel are the first two books in the series. While all books are stand-alones, it really gives depth to the alien society to read all three books.

Ms. Dohner has quite a wide variety of space travel and different alien main characters.  In her Cyborg Seduction series, she created race of beings that were manufactured on Earth that escaped their mistreatment. They are large, gray-toned beings that flee their forced captivity and settle a planet far from their abusers.

The Zorn Warriors are male-dominated race ruled by one family. The leader is the physically strongest and most dominant male of all Zorn, as are his heirs. Some of their people had been taken captive and held by another race, to be used for manual labor and to fight for the amusement of their captors. The series begins when a female human is given as a prize to the winner of a fight. Human women are sexually compatible to Zorn men and soon, human women are desired by the Zorn males.

The Vorge Crew has multiple aliens that I can’t even begin to describe them all. But each book is unique and has depth in both story and characters. The Vorge, by the way, is the name of a space-travelling ship owned by a race known as Tryleksians, who use their ship to make trade and treaties with other aliens.

Lucky for us, Ms. Dohner’s imagination has now brought us the Veslors! These large (seven-foot-tall) males live together in “groupings” a family, only they aren’t always blood-related. They have one leader of the grouping, and all defer to him in matters that affect them all. In this book, the Veslor grouping are assigned to an Earth-owned ship as fighters. Veslors have two forms; their relaxed humanoid form, and their battle form. I’ll let you read the book to learn about that!

Darla is a human woman who is on the run with her younger sister, Becky. They befriend the Veslor, Gnaw as they board a shuttle taking them to the ship Defcon Red. In transit, the shuttle is seized by a quid-like group of aliens called the Elth.

The Elth, known for conducting experiments on other aliens, want to force a human female to breed with a Veslor male to create a child they will steal and train. Both Darla and Gnaw are disgusted by their captors’ demands but work together to stall for time. Gnaw knows his grouping will do everything in their power to rescue him.

Gnaw is kind and caring of Darla, needing to protect her as she is a more fragile species. Darla is enamored of Gnaw’s sweet nature and how gentle he is with her. They do have sex and discover a deeper level of connection during their captivity. Due to Veslors being misunderstood, they struggle with keeping their feeling hidden from others.

This book is another brilliant work of Laurann Dohner. I obviously love her work, but I can honestly say you should read this book! Here is the cover and blurb, along with the link to purchase it on Amazon.

Darla Mitts has been secretly protecting her younger sister, Becky, for years. She’ll do anything to continue, even if it means leaving their family to work on a United Earth fleet ship. She thinks they’ll be safe. She’s quickly proven wrong when the sisters’ transport shuttle is seized by aliens instead. Aliens who want to force an experimental breeding between humans and the muscular Veslor who was also captured.

Gnaw has no intention of touching the human female from the shuttle, no matter how attractive he finds her. But Darla is determined to keep her sister safe by any means necessary, and refuses to take no for an answer. Captured and threatened by the Elth, they agree to work together as a team.

What they didn’t expect was starting to feel things for each other.

Purchase The Veslor Mates series along with this book, The Breeding Experiment on Amazon.

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