My 99 cent Books

I’d like to share with you all of my books that are .99 cents. If you need to pass the time with some books that may help you escape to a new Universe, I hope you check these out.
Psy-Bond Series – A four-book series about aliens who’ve come to Earth in hopes of saving their race. The series follows Mace and Abby as they meet, fall in love, and the loss that time inflicts on this couple. Each book is told by different main characters that explore their lives in relation to Mace. Each book in the series is .99 cents. The series can be found here:


Mace Adams ran away from home at thirteen and was abducted by aliens at twenty-six. While being held in a secret location, he meets Abby McMillion, a sweet but shy woman who has trust issues of her own. The couple fall in love and form the mythical Psy-Bond, joining their souls. But an accident throws Abby to her time of abduction in 1982, leaving Mace fighting for his sanity and his life. Can Mace find a way to rescue Abby from the past?


Max left home at eighteen to join the Air Force and leave his abusive home, but he left his younger brother alone. Decades later, he’s plagued with guilt and is willing to do anything to help Mace bring his mate back home. Together with his former lover Derek, and Sahara, an alien who abducted Mace, they work together to convince world leaders to save Abby and restore Mace’s sanity. The threesome form their own Psy-Bond but risk it all to bring Mace and Abby together again.

The Hunter
Kai’el Caomhanach is a highly esteemed Hunter from the peaceful planet of Otron. He travels through space and time to capture the worst criminals in the Universe. Tasked with returning to Earth past to rescue one half of a Psy-Bonded mate, he feels this will be the easiest job he’s ever done. But time travel has consequences leaving Abby near death and putting Kai in near his own Psy-Bond Mate. Trauma Doctor Aria Sharma won’t let her patient go with just man she’s never met, even if he’s the sexiest man she’s ever seen. Until he convinces her they’re saving Abby’s life. The couple races to the future to reunite Abby with Mace but a secret war could destroy Earth.

Saving the Elite
Identical twins Alex and Andy Remington have always had a psychic connection, and choose to leave Earth for adventures on the planet Otron. Once there they meet their own Psy-Bond mates but must face unintended consequences that put their lives at risk. A group of Otronians calling themselves Traditionalists, look to rid Otron of all aliens and return the planet to the old ways, including bringing the women of their government, the Elite, back home. Can Alex and Andy tame inner beasts and work with the other Psy-Bond mates to save Otron from civil war?


The Watchers – This three-book (so far) series is a spin-off of Psy-Bond with appearances from characters from those books. We meet Aoki in Kai’s book, The Hunter, and get to know him better in Saving the Elite. Book four is in the works. Aoki is .99 cents but you can see the entire series here:

Aoki, FB graphic

Aoki grew up on Otron idolizing his older brother and has suffered shame at Iosef’s betrayal of their people. When a new educational program begins, Aoki jumps at the chance to go to Earth. Once there he meets Flynn, a Being doctor who just gained his emotions. Forming an instant friendship, both men are shocked to find they share a mate; Charlie, a human female assigned to their Education Exchange House accidentally. No one is more surprised than Charlie, a BBW who never thought one man would want her, much less two. Falling deeper for each other, the throuple soon come against unexpected danger that could mean not only the end of their budding relationship but the death of one of them.
Crossing the Line – This two-book series is a result of wondering what would happen if a couple that is meant to be, doesn’t meet. Also, what would happen if a woman has two sexy husbands that she remembers but the guys each remember her as their wife. While this book is sort of a spin-off of the Psy-Bond series, it can be read without reading the Psy-Bond or The Watchers. Some character cross-overs happen and they all happen in the same “Universe”. Double Time is .99 cents but you can view both books in the series here:

Double Time space FB

Double Time
Sadie has two sexy husbands. Marc, is a genius scientist who has been studying a tear in time itself, and Dave is an Air Force helicopter pilot who flies over a rip in time. When Dave lands from his mission, he begins to have memories of a woman he’s in love with but has never met. When the three meet, will Sadie have to choose between the two men she loves, or will they find a way to make this strange relationship work?

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May Swag!


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