Of Paper and Wood by Amy Bellows – A Review

Of Paper and Wood, by Amy Bellows is a MM fantasy romance available on Amazon.

I’m so lucky to be on Amy’s BETA reading team. I get to watch her creative process and then talk about her extraordinary books. This latest release is one of my favorites. It takes place in a world where magic is normal, and I LOVE that.

Amy Bellows is known for her great world-building and this book is no exception. While this book is NOT an mpreg or even in the Omegaverse, it is amazing! In this world where magic is normal, we meet werewolves, loan sharks, male escorts (or as the book refers to them as “rent boys”), and loyal friends.

Of Paper and Wood
Of Paper and Wood by Amy Bellows is available on Amazon

Troy has the misfortune of being born to a rich wand family (families that still hold their magic wands, unlike poor families that had to burn their wands). In order to retain the huge bank account, he must marry an equally magickal wand family and produce an heir. Just one problem for the young twenty-two-year-old … he’s gay he doesn’t want to marry a woman he doesn’t love, like his father. He doesn’t want to grow to be the angry and bitter man because of that marriage … just like his father.

Danielle, Troy’s fiance is an amazing person in her own right. They love each other in a platonic way and both stands to lose everything if they don’t marry. She’s gay too and is no happier about this law than he is.
Park is an only child who lost his mother several years ago to a disease that took most of the females, including Troy’s own mother. These boys meet in the most unlikely of places, a brothel that caters to gay men, where Park is newly employed. Even though they come from opposite ends of the economic world, they find they have much in common. Both are gay and both are virgins.
The story itself is so sweet, yet tart. It takes the reader on a roller coaster between love and lust, firsts and discovery. Amy Bellows knows how to bring the reader deep into the feelings of her characters through meaningful conversations and reflections. Nothing in her books, including this one, is written to fill space. Every action, every reaction, all the talking, even the steamy sex, pulls the reader into her world.

Speaking of sex…the firsts these two young men discover together is both sweet and H.O.T. Just the evolution of these characters makes this book worth the read, but the underlying story of magic, werewolves, and true love raise this book to a “mustread” category.
If you’re looking for an mpreg book, or are used to those from this author, I ask you still consider this book. It’s beautifully written and will still take you away to a world of magic and love. If you want a spectacular love story and a gorgeously penned one at that, this book is for you.

Here is the blurb from the book:


To inherit the family fortune, I must marry a woman. But first I have one chance at a night of passion with a man.

I just wish I could share it with someone who would treat me more like a lover than a customer.

After all, it’s my first time. My only time.

Alesto Markin sics his werewolf lackey on anyone who can’t pay him back. One bite, and my life as I know it will be over. My only hope of paying off my staggering debt is by selling something I never expected to sell.

I just never expected the man who hired me to be young. Or sweet.

I certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him.

Of Paper and Wood is a sweet love story of two men who share many firsts together. In a world of wands and werewolves, where their fate is either rags or riches, being together could cost them everything.

While Amy Bellows normally writes books set in the omegaverse. Of Paper and Wood is not. You can still expect magic, humor, and a big HEA.

Here is the buy link for Of Paper and Wood by Amy Bellows on Amazon. Go to her Amazon author page to check out all her published works.

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