A Mate for Lu by Amy Bellows – A Review

A Mate for Lu is a mm shifter mpreg romance and is the fourth book in the Alaskan Pebble Gifters Series. It has male pregnancy, egg-laying, and nesting along with adorable kids and true love.

I just love this series. The writing is spot on and the feels are real. Amy Bellows, in her brilliant way of writing, knows how to bring a reader into her world. The characters are fleshed out and the reader cares what happens to the men in her story.

That being said, in this book, she introduces us to all the children shifters! Cute penguin chicks, adorable polar bear shifters and the relationship that is built between the kids in this story is just as important as the plot between the major characters.

We also get to see characters from the previous books in this series, as well as a hint at another part of her Universe in another state (shhhhhh, I don’t give spoilers!).

We met Lu in the previous book, A Home for Ben. We also learn that Lutz and Axel (his older alpha polar bear shifter brother) were named after ice skating moves because their omega father was an ice skater. I think that’s just an amazing little tidbit that helps give these characters life! Okay, I got off track, sorry.

Lu has a daughter from a previous relationship with an emotionally distant and physically unattainable alpha. Mary is a bright, happy, well-adjusted little girl and her joyous nature just adds to the readers connecting to the story. We all root for Lu to find happiness because not only does he deserve it, but so does his daughter.

Sam is a widowed alpha penguin shifter. His mate died several years ago, and in the penguin culture, they mate once. Period. Even if their mate dies at a young age, penguin shifters aren’t allowed to ever mate again. He and his late mate have three children, Jesse, Parker and Morgan.

As is we learned in the very first book, A Pebble for Lewis, penguin culture raises their young to be gender neutral until the child comes of age. Then a party is thrown to announce their gender (male or female) and secondary gender (alpha or omega). All children are given gender neutral names and a new gender-specific name is then chosen for the child at their reveal party.

That is the bare bones, baseline but the story itself is so much more. If you haven’t read this series, it’s important that you do so. It gives depth to the Universe and a backstory to all the characters.

The sex scenes, as usual by this author, are H.O.T.! And the nesting scene, (if you’ve read the other books) you know it’s sexual and full of rubbing, penetration and fluffy goodness. You just have to experience it for yourself.

Here’s the blurb from the Amazon website:

Two single dads. One accidental pregnancy. Many, many shifter children.

Sam’s mate died four years ago, and penguin shifters mate for life. Sam is never allowed to love again. Even when he meets a kind and beautiful omega who his three children gravitate towards.

After working with Lu for a year, Sam has fallen deeply in love with him. And Lu’s feelings for Sam are painfully obvious.

Caught between the desires of his heart, and the expectations of his culture, Sam must decide what he’s willing to pay to reclaim his own happiness.

A Mate for Lu is a sweet and angsty love story between two single dads. It has hurt/comfort, MPreg of the penguin egg variety, and cameos from characters in the first three Alaskan Pebble Gifters books. A Mate for Lu is book four in the series, and will only make sense if you’ve read the first three books.

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