Sci-Fi Romance on BookFunnel

Sci-Fi Romance Book Fair on BookFunnel now to the 17th

From February 3-17, 2021, BookFunnel has sci-fi romance books that are on Kindle Unlimited. I’ve put my first book, Mine in with the other great sci-fi romance books. It’s been a while since I’ve brought up my first few books. So, I’d like to introduce you to my book, Mine.

Pys-Bond Series are available on Kindle Unlimited

The book that started my writing journey! Mine will always have a special place in my heart, as well as Mace and Abby. They say you always remember your first, and even though that idiom is meant for sexual experiences, it fits! I learned so much about writing because of this book. For instance, I had no idea what “head hopping” was. Going back and changing an entire book is hard work! It might have been easier to just start over. I just cracked my knuckles and dove in.

I had no idea about promoting my book either! I thought, “I’ll write a book and put it on Amazon.” I had no clue about buying covers, but I wanted a professional one. I didn’t know eiditors were needed, but I wanted a good story, so I paid for it. But promoting? Totally lost on that! Being a new author, there were sites I couldn’t put my book on because I had no reviews. How could I get reviews if I couldn’t get my book in front of readers? It was a crazy, vicious circle! I know so much more now.

Mine is part of the Sci-Fi Romance on Kindle Unlimed event on BookFunnel

As a thirteen-year-old runaway, Mason “Mace” Adams learned at an early age to always look out for himself and trust no one. His father was an abusive alcoholic, his brother left to join the military and his best friend abandoned him. When he’s abducted by aliens in 2017 to take part in “copulation studies”, he tries to keep the shy, sweet woman he’s paired with at arm’s length.

In 1982, Abby McMillion was getting her life back on track after leaving her hometown with a broken heart. She’s captured by aliens, put in stasis and forced to endure long periods of time alone. When she is returned to her dark cell to find a strange man, she’s happy to have human interaction again. She can’t let herself fall for him, no matter how protective and sexy he is.

Together Mace and Abby learn to rely on each other and along the way form a mythical psy-bond, but an accident returns Abby to her time, thirty-five years in the past. Alone and needing his mate, Mace begins a journey to rescue the one woman who completed his broken soul. Now he must find a way to bring Abby back to 2017 and save his sanity.

Mine ends in a soft cliffhanger that will continue in the next book, “Ours” but rest assured an HEA is going to happen!

This book contains a couple with trust issues who learn to love and trust each other. There are hot love scenes and this book is intended for adults 18+.

Reviews for Mine

I really enjoyed this story, the characters were well written and the plot moved really well. I found myself sucked into the story right from the beginning” ~ HannaM7

This was a strange but entertaining story with a couple of great characters. The premise was very unique… I really enjoyed this book. The author had a great idea which became a very interesting story.” ~Dee

I thought this was great. Abducted by aliens, and experimented on… I thought this was a great story… I loved Mason and Abby as characters their story was great. I cannot wait for the next chapter.” ~Michelle S

What a unique twist on the traditional alien abduction and experiments! This was riveting from the very beginning and by the end you become so invested in Abby and Mace’s story the provoked emotions can be gut wrenching.” ~Book_Lover_97

Please visit the Sci-Fi Romance Book Fair on BookFunnel and check out Mine, along with the other great books! I’m sure you’ll find not only a few books to help you survie the cold weather, but also new authors to love.

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