Cutter’s Mission, Valhalla Warriors One by Rosie Jarvis

Cutter’s Mission is the debut novel by Rosie Jarvis and released on February 9th. The series will be based on a motorcycle club called the Valhalla Warriors. This is a play on the Norse mythology of Valkyrie gathering soldiers who died on the battlefield and taking them to Asgard in Valhalla.

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Cutter’s Mission by Rosie Jarvis available on Amazon

In this series, each book will open with the death of a man during battle and his decision to accompany the Valkyrie who appears to them, to Asgard. There they train with the Amazons to serve in Odin’s Army. Once completed, they earn a tattoo that links them to Odin and offers them immortality. The Einherjar, or Worthy Soldiers, then take a rotation serving on Earth in the aforementioned motorcycle club.

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The tattoo Einherjar earn after completing training with the Amazons in the Valhalla Warriors series.

In Cutter’s Mission, we meet medic James Alan Cutter during a firefight in Khe Sanh, Vietnam. He’s a twenty-year-old who has seen more than his share of blood and war. He sacrifices his life to save another Marine and upon point of death, he agrees to serve Odin. We also meet Abbott McClain, a fabulous twenty-two year old man who is on the run. His car breaks down in a small Texas town and his only hope is a biker bar he tries desperately to avoid.

Cover of Cutter’s Mission, Valhalla Warriors One Available on Amazon

Short blurb:

After Cutter turned the lights down low in his room and finally settled in, his body was pulled into a deep, dreamless sleep. Sometime later, Cutter heard a slight click. Old soldier instincts kicked in and his body stiffened, preparing to fight. His senses reached out and quickly, he remembered he was in his own bed. The noise that had awakened him was the door handle turning. Light peeked in through the opening, and the silhouette of a trembling boy stood in his doorway.

“Abbott? What is it, boy?” He kept his voice quiet and nonthreatening.

“I – I had a nightmare. I’ll, I’m sorry, I…”

His quivering voice alerted Cutter to Abbott’s emotional state. “Abbott, come here.” He lifted his covers in invitation. Within seconds, his arms were full of his shaking redheaded temptation. He turned on his side, pulling Abbott close to him, keeping his arms wrapped tight. Abbott’s face burrowed closer to his chest, and Cutter could feel the wetness of his cheeks.

“I promise you, Abbott, I’ll never let anything bad happen to you.” He was rubbing soothing circles on his boy’s back and placed little kisses on his forehead. “You are safe in this town. The Valhalla Warriors watch out for their own, and I guarantee no one could come to St. Germain and hurt you.”

Abbott sniffed. “But I’m not a member of your club. Why would they protect me?” His voice was muffled against Cutter’s chest.

“Because you need help, and I can help. I want to. That’s all they need to know. And I—” he paused. What was the best way to tell this precious boy that Cutter wanted to protect him, be a Daddy to him? They weren’t friends, much less in a relationship so it was too early. Wasn’t it?


✨Sexy Bikers ✨Military Brotherhood ✨Light Daddy Kink (No age play or ABDL) ✨Hurt/Comfort ✨Low-Angst ✨Instalove ✨Steamy Love

While the book is a Daddy/boy theme, it has no age play. I don’t want anyone who is a Daddy/boy kink enthusiast to be disappointed if they’re expecting diapers and binkies. It does have the loving care Daddies have for their boy and with all the hurt/comfort you’d expect from that kink. And while there is outside conflict, there is not angst between the characters. The love scenes are also explicit and hot.

Here’s the blurb for the book:

An Immortal Biker Daddy walks into a bar…

Abbott McClain is on the run.

An infamous human trafficker and murderer is hot on his heels, and he has nowhere to go. When his car breaks down in a small Texas town, he has no choice but to seek help from a biker bar in the middle of nowhere. After a lifetime of rejection, he doesn’t want to trust anyone ever again. But when he meets a blue-eyed bear at the bar who promises him kindness and protection, he desperately wants to believe that this time things will be different.

James Alan Cutter is on a mission.

As a member of an immortal motorcycle club entrusted with protecting humanity, he shouldn’t be taking time off for romance. But something about Abbott stirs his Daddy nature.

When evil stalks the boy Cutter has fallen for, his brothers in arms come together to protect their love.

Cutter’s Mission is a 48K motorcycle club romance with an age gap, size difference, and hurt/comfort.

You can find the book on Amazon by clicking here and follow Rosie Jarvis by clicking here.

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