Born for You, on sale .99

On SALE for a limited time for .99
Josiah is a ghost, Matson is an out and proud historian. Can they overcome death, and a small town’s prejudice and find happiness together? This is an LGBTQ paranormal romance and the first in a four-book in an LBGTQ paranormal romance series. Book five coming soon!


Ghost stories for Halloween? Yes, please!

And this is not just a ghost story, it’s the beginning of a paranormal romance series called Paranormal B&B!

The book is featured in several promotional sites, this being one: Many Books Free eBooks and Deals for 10/21

Born for You on SALE!

It’s getting close to Halloween and that means we embrace the Spirit World and all that goes with it; ghosts, witches, goblins, haunted houses, maybe even … candy corn (cue Friday the 13th music).

It’s also autumn, and while it’s been a lot warmer than normal lately, it’s finally starting to get cooler now. Hot chocolate, bonfires, wearing flannel, changing leaves and curling up under a blanket with a book. All those things are comforting and I feel like this time of year, is the best time of year.

With that being said, I can offer you one thing on the list of great fall “things.” From October 21st to the 28th (longer on some sites), Born for You will be on sale from 3.99 to .99! That’s a huge discount. I’m not going to lie, I hope it gets you interested in the rest of the Paranormal B&B series too. I love the men in Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina and I want you to meet them. Here’s a brief introduction of the men in Born for You.

Born for You introduces us to Matson Ashby, a small-town boy who was the captain of his football and track teams, history buff and man obsessed with a man who died over one hundred years before. He’s felt the energy of Josiah Turner in his home since he was a small boy. Recently Matson has inherited his grandmother’s huge plantation-style home. Should he sell it or stay in a homophobic town where he’s not welcome?

Josiah Turner was little more than a child when he fought in the Civil War. He returned to a destroyed land with only his sick parents and not much else, only to be murdered thirty-eight years later. He haunts the home he grew up in,  too bitter to move on until Matson comes into his miserable life. He’s shocked that he develops a sexual attraction to another man, but can’t deny his feelings. But he’s a ghost anyway, so does it matter?

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If you’d like to read about a love so huge, that Hecate, Queen of the Underworld has to step in to nudge a reluctant ghost, you can get your copy at one of these sites. It’s already .99 at Changeling but will be available at that low price on the rest of the sites on Monday.

Born for You on Changeling Press

Born for You on Amazon

Born for You on Barnes & Noble

Born for You on Kobo

Born for You on iTunes

New Release

I never thought I’d be able to say I have eight books “out there”. The characters in my head, and my Muse are smug, but I still feel I’m not reaching my potential. I know each parent thinks their children are perfect. So too, do authors think their books are entertaining. But this new book I’m releasing today? I really feel if enough people read it, they will love it and tell others about it … and me.

Being a new author is like jumping into a dark hole. You never know what you’re going to hit on your way down. But ‘Double Time’ is, to my mind, a unique take on Science Fiction. Most of my books all tie in to the same M.D. Universe (except Devitt, he lives in his own Universe – separate from the aliens). Some characters do cross-over either by name or actual visits. To me it’s important to not let some of my babies disappear into the great beyond.

I hope this book is read and enjoyed by many. I just want to share the stories in my head and hope those who read them get drawn into my Universe and like it!

Free eBook

In my first book, “Mine”, I create a world where a group of aliens known as The Beings have come to Earth 70 years ago and with the world governments’ consent, set up top-secret instillations where they abduct and study humans. They do this because they are no longer able to produce children and they want to study us to find out why. They discover they can’t produce offspring because they have lost their emotions and as such, they no longer desire to procreate by having sex. Their hormones are almost gone and they are more like machines than people.

During this time of study, they kidnap a young woman, Abby, from her car on October 10, 1982. She’s put in stasis and denied all interactions for an indeterminant amount of time. Fast forward a few years to 2017, and she’s paired with a former teen runaway who has grown up hard and tough on the streets. He doesn’t trust anyone, heck Mace doesn’t LIKE anyone, but something about the woman in his cell, draws him in. After they form the mythical Psy-Bond, an accident sends Abby back to her abduction date. Mace has to find a way to get his Abby back. The world’s military forbid the Beings and Mace’s brother, Max from bringing in alien “bounty hunters who can travel in time” from rescuing Abby (from the second book in the series, “Ours”).

In comes the third book in my series, The Hunter. In this book Kai’el is from Otron and is trained to chase criminals through space…and time. He’s commissioned by The Beings to go back in time and save Abby and bring her back to 2018 and her mate…covertly of course. (Brings about the reason for the fourth book, “Saving The Elite”).

Personally, I love Mace. I know he’s my first protagonist, but he has stolen my author’s heart. He’s tough but has heart. He’s mean but only to protect what he loves. He’s stubborn but only when he knows backing down means defeat. He doesn’t trust easily but he is fiercely loyal. He also is muscled, tattooed, pierced, and has a deep voice. Oh and he says the f-bomb. A lot. but that endears him to me for some reason. The relationship between Mace and Abby inspired three books and they make appearances in others. But the big thing about Mace is how he relates to Kai once they meet. It surprised even me.

I decided to celebrate the abduction of Abby (because she never would have met Mace) and her rescue on October 10th. As such, The Hunter is FREE from 10/10-10/14/2018. I have all my books exclusively on Amazon and if you are a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, you can get them free anyway! My books are only .99 so you can get the entire series…four books for less than four bucks.

PS for those who wonder, Mace was inspired by the actor Dominic Purcell and Kai was brought to you by Jason Momoa doing the Haka.

Happy Reading!

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ARCs – It’s a Learning Curve

So I just recently found out about ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) and the websites that allow you to post them. I freaked out because they ask for different format types than my trusty docx. I felt like I was thrown into the deep end of the pool when I didn’t even know what a pool was. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. And I might have to apologize to my husband for the resulting pouting, whining and grumpiness.

I found Calibre and learned how to add my books and convert the files and then how to put them on Booksprout. Wow. I feel like I accomplished so much! So I have four books out there as an ARC (I don’t even know if that is the correct verbiage).  But I do have a new release on Amazon as well. That makes a total of 7 books! You can check them out from my author page on Amazon and for only 0.99 you too can escape into my Universe of aliens!

Dropping Numbers

I get it that all my books won’t remain high on the Amazon list of books sold on their site. I understand that. On one level. BUT then again when I see they’ve dropped, it still chips away at my confidence. I can’t afford to promo my books every week because being a new author, I don’t have the budget. I look at many, many sites to search for promo opportunities, but because I don’t have reviews my books don’t qualify.

To get readers I need to promo, to get good promos I need reviews, to get reviews I need readers. It’s a vicious circle that new authors like myself find ourselves in. It’s like watching your chosen career circling down the drain. All we ask for, is an opportunity to entertain readers. To help them escape life for just a bit. Then for them to leave a review.

I do want honest reviews. I know my books aren’t perfect, I just hope they help my reader find a few moments of enjoyment. I want them to develop a relationship with my characters so they care about what happens to them. That’s the best part of my reading serial books. I learn to love the people I’ve read about and I want to visit them by reading the author’s new releases in that series.

Promoting My Book

I don’t know how many times I’ve groaned when I’ve seen friends I haven’t spoken to in years, perhaps decades all of a sudden friend request me. It’s not that I don’t want to connect with someone I knew from the past, but I know it’s usually because they’re trying to sell me something. Most times…I’m right. It starts out with a message of;

Them: “Hey! OMG it’s been like FOREVER. How have you been?”

Me: “Doing fine. Thanks. How about you?”

Them: “I’m wonderful! I used to have (fill in the blank with something like fatigue, pain, etc.) but now I found something that works to help me (fill in the blank with the opposite of previous blank above). I’d love to tell you about it. Look at this website……


First of all if it includes something to help me lose weight or fight my fibro I’ve TRIED it already. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them wanting to help me, but I really think I have tried everything and it didn’t work. Seriously, I’m glad it worked for them, but it didn’t for me.

Now though, I feel more for them. I want people to buy my book. Not because it’s going to change their life. It won’t make them lose weight or fight pain and fatigue. But I hope it helps them escape their troubles for a bit and entertain them.

Recently my editor has given me sites to promote my book that won’t require the blood of my first born child (or, you know lots of money). That helps me tremendously. The whole point of having books out there is to get people to read them. Hopefully they will like them and want to read my other books. I won’t deny wanting to make some money, right now just enough to break even would be awesome. But mostly I really want people to read and LIKE my stuff.

One site I’ve been perusing was one of the sites my editor has given me,  Author Marketing Club where they help struggling authors like myself promote my book. Now I’ll be the first to admit it seems too good to be true, but if they can help me, I’m in. Especially if it doesn’t call for half my soul or most especially my bank account. Like I said, I don’t want to get rich necessarily (although that would be something I’d say no to) but I want people to find my book and read it.

I’ve gone over their site and honestly, I’d love to have help promoting myself and my books. I need to look more professional and I don’t want to be one of those people who reach out to people I barely knew in high school 30+ years ago and try to push my books.