Born for You on Sale at BookFunnel

My Paranormal B&B series is my first attempt at writing in the first person, and also my first try at a completely LGBTQ series. It was my goal to make all relationships as normal as the widely accepted traditional male/female romance.

This is also my first series with a publisher. It wasn’t until I signed the contract that I found out they were from the same state as me. I really liked that idea; working with a local, small publisher. They’ve been so supportive that I really enjoyed working with them.

Part of being so supportive, they’ve allowed me to have a sale on the first book in the series, Born for You. For the month of April, Born for You will be .99 cents!

BfY southern FB

The story revolves around Josiah Turner, who was born in 1848 and grew up on his family’s small plantation. When he was fifteen, like other young boys at the time, he joined the Confederate Army to fight in the war. At sixteen he was shot and the musket ball lodged in his right femur. Taken to a Prison of War Camp, he begged the doctor to not amputate his leg so he could help his parents after the war ended.

He barely made it home alive and with his war injury suffered bouts of infection and life-long pain. He lost his family to smallpox and the land to carpetbaggers. Refusing to leave the land he called home, he built a shack and stayed on the edge of the property until he was murdered in 1901 by three men looking for hidden family jewels. He was too bitter to move on to his eternal reward, so he stayed Earth-bound, haunting the land. Angry, lost and trapped by his death, he feels drawn to a young boy who stops by to visit the land where Josiah was murdered.

Matson Ashby was raised by his parents and grandmother in her huge three-story plantation-style home. He was a popular athletic kid, growing up to be the captain of his football team and outstanding in track and field. A history buff, he’s become obsessed with a man who was rumored to have been murdered on his grandmother’s land. He frequently visited the area where Josiah was killed so long ago.

Living in the deep south, Matson stays firmly in the closet while at home, but in college, he explores his deepest desires. After accidentally outing himself one night, he feels the wrath of the tiny little town of Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina. When his grandmother dies, leaving him her house and land, he has to decide if he wants to sell the land that’s been in his family for generations, or stay where he’s not welcome.

All the while he fantasizes about the mysterious Josiah Turner, never realizing Josiah wants him with just as much passion. Can these two men find their way to each other? If they do, will they be able to live together in peace in a town that fears the type of love they share?

FB Born for You on sale .99

Complicating matters is the Queen of the Supernatural, Hecate. She has her own plans for Josiah and Matson. This story is a self-discovery for a man who grew up in a time when being a homosexual was a killing offense. He has a lot to overcome, not only his own confusing feelings but the prejudice of the town.

I hope you’ll pick up Born for You on your favorite platform; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Changeling Press, and Scribd.  If you have a BookFunnel account, you can also find Born for You as part of the LGBTQ+ Romance promotion.

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