Character Interviews from A Pack of His Own, with Emily Carrington

Today, the fabulous Emily Carrington takes into the minds of her characters from A Pack of His Own, Volume One. The book, two stories in one book, is on sale until March 31st for ONLY .99! I mean, that’s an amazing deal.

If you haven’t already, you can pick up your copy at Changeling Press or Amazon. Also, for more shorts surrounding the SearchLight universe, please check out Now, take it away Emily!

Time and place: SearchLight Academy, early morning, Washington, DC
Emily Carrington: Good morning, Charlie.
Charlie McLaughlin: Morning.
EC: You look as if you slept badly.
CM: Jet lag.
EC: From Florida to DC? Aren’t they in the same time zone?
CM: All right, fine, not jet lag. I left Luis Delgado after a one night stand and I’m regretting it.
EC: The one night stand or leaving him?
CM: Both. Now it’s back to chess and the occasional sexual interlude with Rob Boyle and after Luis… I don’t want to talk anymore.
Time and Place: Tracker Central, late in the evening, Tampa Florida
EC: Hi, Luis.
Luis Delgado: [silence]
EC: Are you all right?
LD: Are you going to feed me some of your emotions?
EC: I could do that. If you’ll answer a simple question .
LD: Fine.
EC: What’s wrong?
LD: I miss Charlie and he’s forgotten all about me.
EC: Somehow, I doubt that.
LD: You don’t have to feed me. I’m just grumpy. [swears in Spanish]
Time and place: the pack house south of Buffalo

EC: Hello, Ethan.
Ethan Warner: Good morning.
EC: You’re more tractable than my last couple of interviews.
EW: [laughs] I hear you interviewed them right after their one night stand, before they fell in love. That would make anyone hostile.
EC: Are you looking for someone?
EW: I am tired of being alone, but there’s no one in this pack I could relate to. And I’ve given up having trysts with magical creatures other than werewolves.
EC: What about Jeremy? He’s almost a werewolf.
EW: Most people are fooled into thinking he’s one. He smells like one and acts like a dominant wolf. I think Mark Tavery, he of the Department of Dragons in Tampa, is of the belief Jeremy is a werewolf.
EC: You’re dodging the question.
EW: Forgive me, but my love life is my own business.
Time and place: same place, about twenty minutes after talking to Ethan
EC: Hi, Jeremy, What did Tilthos Charles want to talk about?
Jeremy Redpath: He’s sending Ethan and I on a retraining mission.
EC: Retraining for you?
JR: No, retraining for a pack that just doesn’t get it that LGBTQ werewolves are to be treated like straight wolves. With respect, in other words. Ever since Firos William’s decree two years ago that all wolves are to be treated with respect, Ethan’s been crisscrossing the country teaching straight wolves to guard their minds so they’ll feel more comfortable with their psychic, LGBTQ, counterparts.
EC: What do you think of Ethan?
JR: I find him closed and playing things close to the vest. He may be passionate, as Tilthos Charles insists but I’ve never seen that side of him.
EC: DO you like him?
JR: It’s not a question of liking. I respect him and his devotion to our alpha. But I find it hard to get to know him so there’s no question of liking or not liking.
EC: Maybe you’ll get to know him more on this mission.
JR: I’d like that.
EC: Why?
JR: Because being so closed off can’t be easy for a wolf.
EC: How do you know about werewolves? You’re a Night Wanderer.
JR: I am, but I’ve spent a lot of time learning about them through SearchLight.

A Pack Of His Own, by Emily Carrington
A Pack of His Own, Volume One by Emily Carrington is .99 for the month of March 2020.

For more about Charlie/Luis and Ethan/Jeremy, check out A Pack of His Own for $0.99 at Changeling Press and Amazon:
Changeling Press:

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