Waiting for Edits

Not A Pargon of Patience

I can’t honestly say I’m a patient person. Just ask my old boss. She gave me my lowest scores on my evaluations on my patience. Or lack thereof. 

I turned in books for editing and I check my email daily to see if she’s sent back my book yet. I know she’s busy (much love to you my dear, you’re my shero) She not only works as an author herself, and is a mom, but she has other authors she also edits. I, on the other hand, just spend my days writing or planning on writing. 

I’m really trying to get my books out there, I just need to learn how to wait. I need to work on my other books and not let my impatience take over. I know it’s hard for me to do but I hope I have a few fans who are also impatient for one of my books. Or a few of them.

I’m currently working on several different things right now. The third book in the Fae Shifter Series, Rhys (Devitt’s best friend). I’m also working on the third book in The Watcher’s series and I’m playing around with my new series about The Beings’ Homeworld. I also have two books that I’ve been working on that have nothing to do with any other series I’ve got on Amazon. One is a contemporary romance and the other is a dystopian future book that will become a series.

I actually do have two books with my editor so hopefully I can get a one out soon, but I also know that it takes time to get quality out there. I guess I will have to learn that patience is a virtue. 

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