Encourage Your Author Friends

Even if you don’t read their stuff

So, I have become discouraged in my writing. I love doing it, and I hope those that read my books enjoy them, but I hoped I’d be more successful by now. I knew I wouldn’t be a “best seller” yet, but I still feel like I’m struggling to get my fan base. I get it too; not everyone will like my genre or my characters, not even how I choose to portray … well all of it!

Maybe it’s the cold weather that’s making me feel discouraged. Last night, I told my husband, Goose I was about to just give up on paying for promotions. It didn’t seem to be panning out. When I started writing, I had no idea I’d have to pay for promos. I just didn’t think of it. I knew quality covers would cost me money. As with anything, first impressions are important and I wanted good covers to draw the eye. I wanted to capture a reader’s interest. 

I knew I’d need an editor (I’m so glad I have one! She’s pulled my burning mess from the fire, slapped out the flames, and helped me save a few stories) but I never considered promotions! That’s where my editor has guided me as well. She’s not just helped repair my books, she’s been a mentor and friend. 

In this world of self-publishing, anyone can write something, grab a cheap five dollar cover off some website, and put it out on the web. I’ve read a few of those books, because I love to read as well as write, and I want to try out new authors. Sadly, with some, I’ve sat there shaking my head at the mistakes. Not only grammar, but with flow and consistency. Someone is wearing a blue dress and the next sentence it’s a red shirt and blue jeans.

In one book I just finished, the male protagonist has just learned to drive that day so he can take the female main character into town for the first time, but the female is remembering him taking her to town not long ago. It’s important to have small details like that caught by an editor. At least to me! I want to put out books that when someone reads it, they aren’t distracted by details not matching up. 

But, I digress. As I stated earlier, I had told my husband that I’m about to give up. And bless him, he said “You can’t give up now!” That’s all I needed to hear. I felt better after that. I know, to me at least, I feel like I’m throwing good money after bad, just trying to get people to discover my books.

Maybe Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction Romance, and unconventional love between characters isn’t your cup of tea, but if you know someone who DOES like that sort of book, how about sending them to my Amazon Author page, http://amazon.com/author/mdstewart and let them look around?

That’s how you can help a struggling author, even if you hate to read or hate their chosen genre. Tell your friends about them, maybe someone will like what your author friend writes and they tell someone else. 

And for those who have read my stuff, please leave a review. If you can’t on Amazon, you can at Good Reads. Reviews also help undecided readers consider if they are willing to pay for a book. Especially for a new author. All my books have reviews now (thanks to BookSprout) and they average 4.5 out of 5 stars, so that makes me happy.

Help your struggling author friends by just letting others know about their endeavors. Send them an encouraging post, telling them you like this cover or heard from a friend that book is good. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. That way they don’t feel like their screaming in the wind and no one can hear them. Kind words mean a lot!  

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