I Love to Write

I have always loved to write. I’ve always had an enormous imagination. I love science fiction. Probably because my dad raised me to be a Trekkie. When I was in labor with my oldest son, they were showing advertisements for the new Star Trek The Next Generation television series. I walked the halls of the hospital, doing Lamaze breathing and shaking my head over the fact that a Klingon was on board the Enterprise! It was a travesty! Turns out I was wrong about Worf. He was a good guy.

That all sounds like some strange things to say. After all, it was a television show, but to me, it was a life that was being played out somewhere. If nothing else, it was inside someone’s head. I want to create that world for others that they can lose themselves in. I want readers to think about my characters as friends who help them escape their problems for a while. I want to take them on a ride they feel good taking and can’t wait to ride again.

I have eight books on Amazon and I have so many ideas in my head. I give my characters a chance to tell their stories so my readers can take that ride. I hop on that ride too, as write. It’s almost addictive, like a drug. But I can’t help it, I love to write. 

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