New Release

I never thought I’d be able to say I have eight books “out there”. The characters in my head, and my Muse are smug, but I still feel I’m not reaching my potential. I know each parent thinks their children are perfect. So too, do authors think their books are entertaining. But this new book I’m releasing today? I really feel if enough people read it, they will love it and tell others about it … and me.

Being a new author is like jumping into a dark hole. You never know what you’re going to hit on your way down. But ‘Double Time’ is, to my mind, a unique take on Science Fiction. Most of my books all tie in to the same M.D. Universe (except Devitt, he lives in his own Universe – separate from the aliens). Some characters do cross-over either by name or actual visits. To me it’s important to not let some of my babies disappear into the great beyond.

I hope this book is read and enjoyed by many. I just want to share the stories in my head and hope those who read them get drawn into my Universe and like it!

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