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In my first book, “Mine”, I create a world where a group of aliens known as The Beings have come to Earth 70 years ago and with the world governments’ consent, set up top-secret instillations where they abduct and study humans. They do this because they are no longer able to produce children and they want to study us to find out why. They discover they can’t produce offspring because they have lost their emotions and as such, they no longer desire to procreate by having sex. Their hormones are almost gone and they are more like machines than people.

During this time of study, they kidnap a young woman, Abby, from her car on October 10, 1982. She’s put in stasis and denied all interactions for an indeterminant amount of time. Fast forward a few years to 2017, and she’s paired with a former teen runaway who has grown up hard and tough on the streets. He doesn’t trust anyone, heck Mace doesn’t LIKE anyone, but something about the woman in his cell, draws him in. After they form the mythical Psy-Bond, an accident sends Abby back to her abduction date. Mace has to find a way to get his Abby back. The world’s military forbid the Beings and Mace’s brother, Max from bringing in alien “bounty hunters who can travel in time” from rescuing Abby (from the second book in the series, “Ours”).

In comes the third book in my series, The Hunter. In this book Kai’el is from Otron and is trained to chase criminals through space…and time. He’s commissioned by The Beings to go back in time and save Abby and bring her back to 2018 and her mate…covertly of course. (Brings about the reason for the fourth book, “Saving The Elite”).

Personally, I love Mace. I know he’s my first protagonist, but he has stolen my author’s heart. He’s tough but has heart. He’s mean but only to protect what he loves. He’s stubborn but only when he knows backing down means defeat. He doesn’t trust easily but he is fiercely loyal. He also is muscled, tattooed, pierced, and has a deep voice. Oh and he says the f-bomb. A lot. but that endears him to me for some reason. The relationship between Mace and Abby inspired three books and they make appearances in others. But the big thing about Mace is how he relates to Kai once they meet. It surprised even me.

I decided to celebrate the abduction of Abby (because she never would have met Mace) and her rescue on October 10th. As such, The Hunter is FREE from 10/10-10/14/2018. I have all my books exclusively on Amazon and if you are a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, you can get them free anyway! My books are only .99 so you can get the entire series…four books for less than four bucks.

PS for those who wonder, Mace was inspired by the actor Dominic Purcell and Kai was brought to you by Jason Momoa doing the Haka.

Happy Reading!

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