Needing Inspiration

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have enough inspiration or imagination to write. That’s a big deal to someone who wants to write and publish their stories. I want to keep things fresh. I want to put stories out that are new and exciting for my readers. Build up a story that sweeps up the reader into my world and take them on a ride they enjoy. I want them to like my Universe, my reality so they want to read my books and like my characters.

It’s hard to explain how important it is for me to know others love my characters as much as I do. I guess it’s because they ARE me. Every character in my book represents a part of me, even the bad guys. Maybe especially the bad guys. They do things that I would never do, never say but they still have reasons for doing what they do. I want to write so even if someone hates the bad guy, they still understand why they are bad.

I want my stories to be outrageous, but written so the reader doesn’t feel it’s too crazy. I sometimes feel like I’ve pulled back too much and not let my imagination go too far. I hear “no one would believe this” when I’m writing and tone down what is going on in the story. No one would believe that someone can just take off flying, right? So when I see that event going off in my head, sometime I’m like “nah”. Part of making a universe is also making it accessible to those who’ve never visited. But then I watch great sci-fi shows and think, that would never happen here but this is television.

Perhaps I am like all Virgos and over-think and over-analyze things. Maybe I should sit down and write an off-the-wall, crazy book and let my imagination just take over and write an out of control story with dragons, unicorns and flying people. Who knows? Maybe I do have the imagination but I hold too tightly onto control.

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