Wanted: Readers

The one thing authors must have, is readers. I know to get those readers books must be well written, interesting and engaging. Also, as a new author, I need to have books that aren’t expensive. Why would someone take a chance on an author they don’t know?

My books are stories that take place in my Universe. I see these people. I listen to them. They actually LIVE inside my head. And yes, I know that sounds crazy, but to another author, it sounds about right.

Have I perfected my writing? No even close, or my editor wouldn’t have to mark up my books so much. But I have learned from her and I appreciate her teaching me. One day I hope to have tons of fans. I hope to go to Romanticons across the country and meet the men who inspired my characters (I’m looking at you Dominic Purcell aka Mace Adams).

I’m hoping my next two series that are coming out will bring me more readers. Without readers I’m just a story teller. I want to be an author. Not for the money but because I want readers to enjoy my stories.

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