Being a New Author

This journey has been an eye opener. Yes, I knew that my stories wouldn’t be perfect, but it truly shocked me how badly my stories needed tweaking. Recently, my editor, the marvelous Em Petrova, has been pointing out some repetitive words.

My need to use “watch”, “watched”, and “watching” drives me nuts when I re-read my stories. I can’t imagine how much she wants to reach through the screen and smack the back of my head. One story had over 56K words and the word “watch” (in any form) was repeated 115 times! Even I was ready to smack the back of my head.

I know it’s a crazy journey I’ve decided to ride out. I want to tell the stories the people in my head are telling me. I most especially want them to like my books. It’s not about money, although making enough to break even with the costs would be amazing.

Money. That’s another aspect I didn’t think about. The cost of the cover art, editing, and promoting my books. In a world where everyone is surrounded by ebooks, being an author in this genre is intimidating. I have my favorite authors of course, so knowing there are some who are fairly successful has given me hope.

The fact that some of those authors have taken time to message me backĀ  when I ask questions is amazing. It’s like looking at a star in the sky and having it wink back at you. Okay that’s a fangirl statement, but true to me nonetheless. But if it weren’t for encouraging words from those authors (one being Laurann Dohner, yes L. D. herself!) I might have given up. Em, my editor and a great author herself, has talked me off the ledge a few times too.

I know it’s a lot to ask people to fork over their hard earned money to buy something from a new author. It’s like asking someone to trust you before they know you. I only hope that one day, I’ll be able to have fans. Those who wait anxiously for that next book to hit the electronic marketplace so they can snatch it up and stay up later than normal to read my story. I don’t think I’ll be the next J. K. Rowling although I used her as inspiration for initials. Her and J. R. Rain.

So, if you’ve taken time to read this, I want to thank you. Because even here, when it’s not an ebook, it’s still my story but I’m the protagonist.

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