Joss (Were Zoo Book 9) – A Review

Joss is a steamy MF shifter romance by R.E. Butler and is the latest release in the Were Zoo series. In this book, we learn more about Joss, the alpha of the wolves at the Amazing Adventures Safari Park. While you can most definitely read this as a stand-alone, do yourself a favor and read the series. If it is intimidating (or expensive) to buy the entire group, at least read the first book, Zane. While it’s not necessary to do so, it will help you understand this park and the inhabitants a little better. Joss is also introduced as a minor character.

Joss Were Zoo Book 9 is available on Amazon.

The first thing I like about this book, is the characters aren’t 20-something virgins. They’re mature and experienced. There is something sexy and realistic about two grown adults finding love later in life. Joss is widowed and Jeanie is divorced and while it’s part of the story, they aren’t so hung up on their past loves that they can’t move on.

Of course, bringing a human into the shifter world has its problems. First, the protection of the shifter population is paramount. Second, as alpha, how will the pack feel with a human as the alpha’s mate? As a human, will Jeanie even believe shifters are real? While I never give spoilers, we all read romance for the HEAs, so I don’t think I’m giving the story away when I tell you that love goes a long way in answering these questions.

A problem with us humans is we have this strange way of thinking romance happens on a timeline. We meet, date, and ignore our gut feelings; both the good and bad feelings about a person. “Instalove” isn’t something we fall for, unlike shifters. We tend to fight the attraction we feel or we discard the repulsion our instincts tell us. How many times after a break up do we think, “What was I thinking?” or “I should’ve seen…?” Yeah, ignored instincts.

As in all shifter romances, Joss knows his true mate when he meets Jeanie. He is also older and wise enough to know a human female isn’t going to “sense” him as her other half. He’ll need to romance her, but he doesn’t know how to woo a human. He seeks advice from someone we know from a previous book.

Jeanie Moon is an independent woman who has learned to survive after her marriage ends. She lost almost everything when she left her husband so she approaches life cautiously. After working long hours as a cook at a small diner, she earns some time off and her neighbor gives her a ticket for a VIP tour of the local zoo. The VIP tours is a plan set in motion by the zoos alphas to bring in unmated humans in hopes the humans are true mates to the shifter inhabitants.

When she arrives she is detained because her ID doesn’t match the name on the ticket and, she’s forty-four, older than the age the park has deemed proper for “guests” for the tour. Joss is called to the office to straighten it out and then the fun begins!

You can get your copy of the fun, flirty, and fantastic book, Joss by R.E. Butler on Amazon.




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