A Home for Ben by Amy Bellows – a review

All of Amy Bellow’s books are such a joy for me to read. A Home for Ben is no exception. Here is my review for this Amazon #1 best-selling book.

This MMM Omegaverse/mpreg book is full of love and humor. The sweet innocence of Ben is balanced out with Cy’s take-charge attitude. And Axe is just the balance between the two. Yes, I know Ben is supposed to be the “middle man” between Axe and Cy, but in my mind, you have sweet (Ben) and sour (Cy) and Ax is the counterpoint.
Ben (Ruben, after the sandwich) is a penguin shifter who’s had an unsuccessful Pebble Gifting Season (where alpha penguins find their omega mates) so he heads off to a bar to do things he’s never allowed himself to do. We learn that he’s an orphan and other penguin shifters aren’t willing to mate omegas who are “bastards.” At the bar, Ben, lonely and downhearted, meets a huge alpha polar bear shifter and offers to spend time with him. His goal is to not only be kissed for the first time but have sex.
Axe (Axel) is an alpha polar bear shifter being punished for a crime resulting in his banishment to “the Slope.” He’s a big softy, but because of his one-time loss of control, he is deemed a “rager.” He’s a Daddy Dom, but he likes to nurture and care for his boys. He’s got a heart of gold who has been handed a bad situation for his one-time and understandable, outburst.
Cy (Cyrano) is an omega polar bear shifter who identifies as an alpha with the same abilities of metal magic as an alpha and is a natural Dom. He’s aggressive, and an exceptional Daddy to his boys, though not the loving kind like Axe, but the disciplinarian type. He and Axe have a history but being alpha it’s more sexually aggressive.
These three men have so many emotions to work through that it seems an impossible fit with one another. Ben is shy and unsure of himself. Axe is kind and nurturing but also unsure of himself. Cy’s aggressive, take-charge attitude hides his painful past and fear he will never be enough.
I liked how Amy fleshed these characters out, made them tangible. I could see Bens sweet boyish face and his dark hair. Axe was easy to imagine with his large alpha-muscular body, tattoos, and white hair and beard. Cy was the tough, thinner but muscular shifter who demanded control.
There was lots of heat in the sex scenes. With Ben being a virgin, I loved how Amy took her time exploring his reactions to Axe and Cy. It was sweet to see how Ben toned down the almost primal, angry sexy between Cy and Axe. Ben was the perfect sub buffer between the alpha Doms. He brought out their cuddly side (a feat for Cy, who is the prickly bear with a heart of gold).
Amy keeps things new and expands her world, by introducing us to new creatures. She keeps us grounded with cameos from characters from other books. We get to visit with Todd and Lewis and even a brief drop-in by Seafoam and his dragon shifter husband from the first Heron Manner book. I admit I might have squeed a bit, but we’ll keep that between us. The story moves at a good pace, not too fast so the reader gets lost, but not so slow that I had to skip paragraphs to not get bored. I even loved the pet Ben brings home; the furniture moving tortoise, Scooch.

Another wonderful thing about Amy Bellows’s books are her breath-taking covers.

A home for ben
A Home for Ben by Amy Bellows available now on Amazon

Here’s the blurb of A Home for Ben:

Ben is a Pebble Gifting Season reject. He wandered the cold streets of Anchorage for three weeks straight, hoping an alpha would give him a pebble. But no one did.

Axel is banished. He lost his temper four years ago and almost killed the alpha who abandoned his brother. Now he can only spend a handful of days per year in Anchorage, which is when he comes upon a sad penguin shifter in a wrinkled tuxedo.

When Cyrano runs into Ben and Axel by chance, he decides to lure them both to bed. Clearly, Ben needs someone to show him how irresistibly attractive he is, and Axel needs to be reminded that he’s a good man, despite what happened in the past.

Cyrano’s sure he can do both at the same time. On the same night. After all, he’s good at multitasking. It’s a perfect plan. Until he falls in love. With both of them.

A Home for Ben is an MMM romance with an accidental pet tortoise, two omegas who get pregnant at the same time, and cameos from previous characters in the Alaskan Pebble Gifters series. This book is the third in the series, and will only make sense if you’ve read the first two books.

Please note that A Home for Ben includes both traditional MPreg and MPreg of the penguin egg variety.
You can get your copy of A Home for Ben on Amazon.


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