Pre-orders open for Born a Demon

First of all, I’d like to say hello to my new followers. Without you, I’d be shouting into the empty void, so thank you. I’m open to comments on what you want to see or books you’d like me to review. If you’re an author, send me a link to your book. I have no issues with LGBTQ themes, obviously.

Speaking of LGBTQ books (nice segway, huh?) My latest release, Born a Demon will be released from Changeling Press on Friday, January 10th. It will be released wide on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes & Nobel on January 17th. All sites are open for pre-order.

Born a Demon is the fifth and final (I think) book in the Paranormal B&B series. We were introduced to Rager in the last book in the series, Born a Halfling. He was the very large green Terran Demon who kidnaps Garth and forces a Mating Mark. At first, I thought Rager was a bad guy, but the more I got to know him, I realized he was desperately lonely. Of course, I can’t see heartbreak and not fix it. Besides, Conner (who we also meet very briefly meet in Halfling) spoke to me.

When Conner told me he was Rager’s mate, I replied, “But, you’re straight!” And Conner smiled and said, “I was.” As with any book I write, I am surprised by some of the events that take place, but Conner closed some ties that were left open. Oh, and he was the perfect man for my lonely demon. I must admit, even was surprised at Conner’s passion for Rager. I never expected Conner to be the man to take the lead of claiming their relationship.

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Don’t make a demon sad! Born a Demon, Paranormal B&B 5

The following is the blurb:

Conner: I’m a reporter who’s seen horrors, but I faced them all without flinching. Despite everything — including a mother who thought I wasn’t quite human — I was happy with my life, my friends, my parents, and my job. Then I met Rager, a demon from a different dimension. I never thought I’d want a future with another man, but I want one with him. I can forgive his past transgressions, but he has to trust in me and our love. Is happiness really possible when I learn my entire life has been a lie?

Rager: Centuries of loneliness led me to make huge mistakes. I believed the wrong person, an innocent child was nearly kidnapped, and I almost killed a man by forcing my Mating Mark on him. As punishment, I’ve been sent to the Mortal Realm, where I’m helpless without my powers. Now I’ve met Conner, but I know he deserves a better mate. Can I help him accept the truth about himself, or will it tear us apart? And will my Queen allow me happiness after all the mistakes I’ve made?

Here’s a teaser from Conner’s point of view: I rested my hands on his chest, reveling in the feel of the crisp hair on my fingertips and pebbled nipples against my palms. “You’re fu*king beautiful, Ray. More than anyone I’ve ever known.”
His face tinged pink with lust as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. He looked away from me, closing his eyes. “I’m not human, Conner. I don’t normally look like this.” There was a note of fear and vulnerability in his deep voice. “What if you find the sight of me unbearable in my natural form?”
My heart nearly broke at his question. “Will you find me unattractive if my body changes in the Cross Roads?”
“No.” His voice was soft but determined.
I closed my eyes, whispering against his lips. “Why not?”
“Because I love you, Conner. Not your outer shell of a body. I love you.” His lips moved against my body, but my heart felt his words.
I opened my eyes to find him looking at me. “Then you know I don’t care about the color of your skin. I don’t care what genitals you have between your legs. I love your spirit, not the body your spirit inhabits. I love you, Ray.”

Here are the links if you’d like to read more!

Changeling Press releasing January 10.

iTunes Barnes & Nobel Kobo/Walmart and Amazon releasing January 17.

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