Omega from the Ocean by Amy Bellows – a Review

I love different takes on stories, and I’ve read lots of shifter books. This is my first Merman shifter/mpreg romance! Amy Bellows is a fantastic word artist. Her plot is tight, her world-building is, well, simply put, it’s delicious. That’s the only way to put it. This was the first time I read an Amy Bellows story, and I promise, it won’t be my last.

This is the first offering of the Heron Manor series. So many characters and shifters populate this Omegaverse and it makes for a rich and fulfilling story. Even with the large cast of characters, they are so easy to differentiate and remember because they are all unique. I could picture each person/shifter in my mind because she does so well in her descriptions.

First, there’s Jack. He’s a merman who lives in the ocean with his father and brother. He’s flirty, fun and defies the rules set out for omegas. Now, from the very start, you just hope he finds the Alpha he needs. He’s just such a sweet guy who the reader will relate to for so many reasons (most especially his struggle to find love). He’s had the world placed on his shoulders, for reasons we find out later in the book! Hint: The Sea King is the jerk responsible. I figured you figure that out anyway. Eventually, that weight gets even heavier but he never tries to ditch his responsibilities. Something we all can find uplifting!

Peter is a dragon shifter; a dragon shifter that has never found his inner beast because he hasn’t found his hoard. That’s another thing that was a twist for me. A dragon can only shift when they find their hoard, and they can’t’ find a mate until they can shift! Great conflict! This also makes the reader route for this guy! He’s been victimized by fate and that’s something he can’t fight! There’s no way to level the playing field here, and he is trying to resign himself to a long life alone.

Peter, who is obsessed with the mer-culture (specifically the Mermen of Rixton), finally meets Jack, it’s like the heavens open up for both of them. Sparks fly and fireworks go off! They are exactly what each man wants and needs to complete their lives. But, like life, it’s not that simple. It’s not just the promise Jack has made to the Sea King to save his family, or the fact Peter can’t become a dragon to claim Jack…it’s issues you discover throughout the book. Pure gold!

The book is low angst, thank goodness. I love characters who talk to each other. Sure couples have issues communicating, but the forces that work to create conflict here aren’t because these two men act like dunderheads and refuse to talk to the person they are supposed to care about. Secrets? Sure, but not doing anything to be purposefully mean to their lover.

So much happens in this story that I could seriously write tons more, but I don’t do spoilers! Amy Bellows is an excellent author and this book is amazing in its details, and richness of her characters. And the cover! It’s off the charts gorgeous!

As you can tell this is a MM love story that has heat and sweet, action, fleshed-out characters and a truly spectacular story! I highly recommend this book. 5+/5 Stars

The blurb for Omega from the Ocean:

An MM Retelling of The Little Mermaid. With dragons.
Merman Jack is a terrible virgin sacrifice. Mostly because he isn’t virginal. At all.

Hopefully the Sea King won’t notice.

For Jack, the human world has too many wonderful temptations, and too many alphas to resist. He only has two months left before he has to give himself to the Sea King, and he doesn’t want to spend them in the cold, dark catacombs where the Mermen of Rixton live. It may be forbidden for Jack to go to shore, but when did that ever stop him?

Peter is a terrible dragon shifter. He can’t figure out what he’s supposed to collect for his hoard. Without his hoard, he can’t do any of the important dragon-shifter things, like take his dragon form or find his fated mate. After years of losing his lovers to their fated mates, Peter’s feeling his age, and he’s tired of being alone.

When Peter sees a beautiful merman on the beach, he thinks he’s finally found his fated mate. Jack falls hard for Peter too, but he knows they can’t be together forever. If Jack doesn’t show up on the day of his sacrifice, the Sea King will kill his father and take his brother instead.

Will the love between a terrible virgin sacrifice and a terrible dragon shifter be enough to change their fate?

Omega from the Ocean is a 77,000-word gritty, age-gap romance with knotting, light D/s, and Mpreg of the dragon-egg variety. While the ending may be an HEA for Jack and Peter, it’s an HFN for the rest of the Mermen of Rixton. Omega from the Ocean is intended for an 18+ audience.

You can buy your copy from Amazon here: Omega from the Ocean

Omega from the Ocean by Amy Bellows

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