Review of Born a Halfling

I’m so happy when Aimee Ann reviews of my books. She always makes me feel like I have something wonderful to contribute to readers.
Born a Halfling by M.D. Stewart available at

Writing is like giving birth, it’s a long, hard and painful process. Usually, the first draft is just the barest of bones to the final product. Once an editor gets ahold of your work, they tear it apart and tell you to put it back together. If you have a good editor, that is! No one gets it right on the first try unless you’re Stephen King or Nora Roberts or any highly paid, experienced mega-author. Newsflash, I’m none of those!

I do work hard on my books though, and I want people to read them and get swept away from life for a few moments. I want them to feel what my characters feel, and see what they see. I want them to cherish the people that have lived inside my head! And I must admit, these guys, especially Michael, stole my heart! Any person who learns to love and accept themselves has my admiration. I wish I had that capacity to love myself!

michael teaser
How I Became a Drag Queen ~ Michael/Ember Rose

I’m working on the last book in the series, and hopefully will turn it into my editor tomorrow, but no promises on that. This book has been slow-moving since I’ve been so busy doing other “author-y” stuff. I think my characters are quiet too since this is (supposedly) the last book of the series. It’s always hard to reach the end. But I have another series in mind for the band members of Empty Soul, so stay tuned!

Here’s the link to Born A Halfling’s review by The Redheaded Book Lover, Aimee Ann. Take a look and browse her blog for other books too!


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