Blogging on Coffee Time Romance


My day-long blog will be on October 30th on Coffee Time Romance eBlog! I’ll introduce myself and go over my books. I love the opportunity to share my stories with new people!

In another announcement, my website is coming along! I can’t thank KarenneLyn enough for the work she’s doing! I’ll share the link on all my social media sites once it’s done. I’ll also have a few free shorts for those who sign up for my newsletter. The first one will be a hot love scene between Josiah and Matson (Paranormal B&B 1).

The next scene will be when Michal and Bran (Fae Shifters 2) fall in love. I wrote the scene but it just didn’t fit into the book. I’m also working on a few different books that aren’t related to any other series I’ve written.

Both books take place in the Omegaverse but I don’t think they’ll be in the same series though. One is a new concept to me that I’ll discuss later, but of course, they will be MPreg. I’m so excited to write about that!

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