Born for You on SALE!

It’s getting close to Halloween and that means we embrace the Spirit World and all that goes with it; ghosts, witches, goblins, haunted houses, maybe even … candy corn (cue Friday the 13th music).

It’s also autumn, and while it’s been a lot warmer than normal lately, it’s finally starting to get cooler now. Hot chocolate, bonfires, wearing flannel, changing leaves and curling up under a blanket with a book. All those things are comforting and I feel like this time of year, is the best time of year.

With that being said, I can offer you one thing on the list of great fall “things.” From October 21st to the 28th (longer on some sites), Born for You will be on sale from 3.99 to .99! That’s a huge discount. I’m not going to lie, I hope it gets you interested in the rest of the Paranormal B&B series too. I love the men in Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina and I want you to meet them. Here’s a brief introduction of the men in Born for You.

Born for You introduces us to Matson Ashby, a small-town boy who was the captain of his football and track teams, history buff and man obsessed with a man who died over one hundred years before. He’s felt the energy of Josiah Turner in his home since he was a small boy. Recently Matson has inherited his grandmother’s huge plantation-style home. Should he sell it or stay in a homophobic town where he’s not welcome?

Josiah Turner was little more than a child when he fought in the Civil War. He returned to a destroyed land with only his sick parents and not much else, only to be murdered thirty-eight years later. He haunts the home he grew up in,  too bitter to move on until Matson comes into his miserable life. He’s shocked that he develops a sexual attraction to another man, but can’t deny his feelings. But he’s a ghost anyway, so does it matter?

BfY halloween twitter

If you’d like to read about a love so huge, that Hecate, Queen of the Underworld has to step in to nudge a reluctant ghost, you can get your copy at one of these sites. It’s already .99 at Changeling but will be available at that low price on the rest of the sites on Monday.

Born for You on Changeling Press

Born for You on Amazon

Born for You on Barnes & Noble

Born for You on Kobo

Born for You on iTunes

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