Born a Halfling, now LIVE

I love all my books. It’s like, well, kids. You love them all and you don’t pick favorites. But can I be honest here? I loved this book. I think I loved it because of one of my MCs, Michael Reed. He’s a coffee addict who hates mornings and uses cuss words liberally.

Michael is a Drag Queen who grew up being punished by his father for being gay. He decides to “drive the gay away” by doing the manliest thing he can think of…join the Marines. After excelling in boot camp, he’s sent to Afghanistan to fight in a war. After an insurgent attack, he is rushed from Camp Eggers near Kandahar to Bagram Air Force Base for emergency medical treatment.

He meets Jessie DeSalvo, an Air Force Security Forces member assigned guard duty at the base. Both men are gay, but neither can live openly. Together, they explore their secret desires until Michael is sent home and they lose touch. When he makes it home, he discovers the art of Drag, and then he discovers his true self.

michael teaser

All the while, Michael has put behind him the boy he’s fallen in love with. Not because he left him behind at home, but because they only knew one another in the dreams they shared starting in childhood. But after his war injury, Michael suffers from PTSD and his therapist convinces him the dreams were only that…dreams. Michael starts to believe there is no sweet boy named Te’Garth.

They all meet up again at Chasers Charlotte NoDa in Charlotte, North Carolina (a real gay bar, by the way, who let me use their bar’s name in my book). These three men must find a way to navigate their feelings to save Garth, a halfling from the supernatural world called the Cross Roads. Garth has been claimed by a demon who doesn’t want to let him go.

I found the three men so compelling and this story is a delightful romp full of discovery and second chances. I hope you’ll pick it up and if you do that you’ll love my guys as much as I do.

Born a Halfling is the fourth book in my Paranormal B&B series and is a MMM romance.


halfling promo
Cover Art designed by Angela Knight


You can get it on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Changeling Press, and Amazon.



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