Halloween Discounts on Books

Thanks to Kate Hill for giving me the chance to pass on spectacular savings on Changeling’s website. On her Halloween page, https://kate-hill.com/halloweenpage/changeling-press-discount-code/, she’s made available a 15% discount on some books offered on Changeling Press.com. from October 1st to November 30th! And perfect timing it is!

The books offered will give you the warm and fuzzies. Of course, one book offered is my own, Born for You (Paranormal B&B 1).

In Born for You, Matson Ashby was born and raised in rural Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina, on the land his family farmed for more than a hundred years. Being gay in that conservative little town has not been easy. When he inherits his grandmother’s estate, he must decide whether to sell or stay where he’s not welcome. The problem is compounded by the ghost of a murdered man who tugs at his heartstrings. Is he real, or just a figment of Matson’s imagination?

Josiah survived the Civil War only to be murdered thirty-eight years later. Too angry and too bitter to move on, he haunted the land where his blood was shed. He never found peace until Matson Ashby came back into his life. Josiah watched Matson grow into adulthood, never imagining how sexy he’d become. Now Josiah must come to terms with having feelings for another man. Can he overcome his own fears and claim Matson for his own?

There are many more books available for you if ghost love isn’t your thing! Head on over to Kate’s blog, https://kate-hill.com/halloweenpage/changeling-press-discount-code/and check out other books you might be interested in!

Born for you, Paranormal B&B 1

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