Dropping Numbers

I get it that all my books won’t remain high on the Amazon list of books sold on their site. I understand that. On one level. BUT then again when I see they’ve dropped, it still chips away at my confidence. I can’t afford to promo my books every week because being a new author, I don’t have the budget. I look at many, many sites to search for promo opportunities, but because I don’t have reviews my books don’t qualify.

To get readers I need to promo, to get good promos I need reviews, to get reviews I need readers. It’s a vicious circle that new authors like myself find ourselves in. It’s like watching your chosen career circling down the drain. All we ask for, is an opportunity to entertain readers. To help them escape life for just a bit. Then for them to leave a review.

I do want honest reviews. I know my books aren’t perfect, I just hope they help my reader find a few moments of enjoyment. I want them to develop a relationship with my characters so they care about what happens to them. That’s the best part of my reading serial books. I learn to love the people I’ve read about and I want to visit them by reading the author’s new releases in that series.

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