Bleeding Souls Saved by Love! Anthology news

Newest News on the Bleeding Souls Saved by Love! Anthology.

March Releases, now available!

Check out the MARCH 2021 Bleeding Souls Saved by Love! books

NOW AVAILABLE:MIDNIGHT RIDE by P.T. MaciasA Cinderella Retelling

♥♥♥ War ♥♥♥

This girl is sweet, but she doesn’t belong here. I need to protect her. I need to keep her safe. I’ll take her on a run. A midnight ride. Then I’ll take her home.♥

♥ Poison ♥♥♥

I’m out with my girls to have some fun. Why not stop at the Dreamhole. Just cause it’s owned by the rival MC don’t mean anything. They don’t call me Poison because I’m sweet. It will be a thrill and it’s crazy, but I don’t care. I can take care of myself. We will have some fun and take a midnight ride.Then I’ll disappear.Nobody will ever know! Really, what can it hurt?

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BRUTAL LOVE by Cedar Rose(A Fabled Wars Dark Mafia ~Volkov Bratva Crime Family ~ Ohio Mafia)

A Pocahontas Retelling


I’m not a good man. I’ve killed, tortured others in the name of my family, for my uncle, for my father. I’ve been sent to a new place, one that I’ve never been before. It’s where I meet her. Adelina is light in a dark world, she looks at everything in a different way, and brings happiness to others. She’s everything I want, but shouldn’t have. And our families are about to go to war over territory. What does that mean for us?


I love to see people happy. My grandmother says something is coming and I believe her. And then I see him. Ivan. I run into him, though he doesn’t see me at first. I watched him be violent and then turn around and treat a little child with care, and a dog with love. He thinks he’s not redeemable, but I think differently. We keep our trysts a secret since our families are about to go to war. I don’t believe that Ivan’s people mean us any harm, we can live in harmony. But my father disagrees. What does this mean for us?

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April Upcoming Releases!

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Coming April 3, 2021

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🪄✨These are not your childhood Fairytales
or Fables ✨🧚

We’re thrilled and proud to introduce you to the second release in the Wicked Warriors MC The Bleeding Souls Saved By Love!

👑Savage Crown👑
Wicked Warriors MC
Kentucky Charter (Wicked Bad Boy Biker Motorcycle Club Romance)
By N.J. Adel

They say a Bratva Princess rose from the dead. She has a bounty on her head.
Two. One alive. One dead.
The money is good, and the Wicked Warriors and I live for that thrill.
Only problem? She’s a ghost. A rumor.
Who cares? All I have to do is find a bait that fits the description.

She walks right into my bar. A huntress posing as prey. Unlucky for her, I don’t care how hard she fights or lies to make me let her go. I own her soul. I get to decide which bounty to collect.
But there are far more dangerous secrets lying behind those blue eyes, and when she begs me to save her, my options are no longer two.

Deliver her to her family
Deliver her head to her enemy
Give in to my hunger for Anastasia Romanov, the Bratva long lost princess, and keep her my captive forever
Even if it puts a bounty on my own head…

Bleeding Souls Saved By Love! Series can be found here!!

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April 15th – Chasing the White Rabbit a mafia-style fable retelling of “Alice in Wonderland” by Felicity Brandon.

I’m savage, suave and calculating, And so is the organization I work for. Poor Alice doesn’t stand a chance. Since she tumbled into our dark world, I’ll take her, play with her—devour her. But once she’s had a taste of my madness, Will there be any coming back?

Universal Link:

Meet the authors

Alexi Ferreira, P.T. Macias, Reagan Phillips, Nicole Banks, Linzi Linz Basset, L.M. Lewis Mountford, Manda Mellett, Sahara Roberts, Rowan St George, Linny Lawless, JA Julie JA Lafrance, Jessica Joy, N J Adel Author, Michelle Corchis, Cedar Rose, Pixie S. Crow, Honey Palomino, Leah Negron, Felicity Brandon, Roux Cantrell, Candi Fox, M.D. Stewart, RE Hargrave, Karen Hall, Sofia Aves, Kaci Rose, Kimberly Knight, L.D. Wosar, Claire Shaw, Ember-Raine Winters, Poppy Parkes, Louisa Bacio, Verlene Landon, Andrea Marie, Jenna Gunn

Please join us in celebrating the Bleeding Souls Saved By Love! series by sharing and inviting your friends. The authors will be bestowing you with love, cover reveals, release parties, fun games, and incredible gifts.


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