Welcome Back Guest Blogger A.L. Lester!

Exciting news on their new book and a giveaway to celebrate the release of The Hunted and the Hind

  • Genre: MM, gay, non-binary, romance, historical, paranormal, suspense
  • Length:  40,400 words
  • Publisher:  JMS Books
  • Release Date:  30 Dec 2020

Hello everyone! Thank you so much to M.D. for letting me pop in today. I’m here today to blatantly pimp my new release, The Hunted and the Hind. It’s the third and final book in my Lost in Time 1920s series and I’m a) really pleased to be here to tell you about it and b) incredibly pleased the trilogy is over because I started it without a clear plan and finishing it in COVID-year has been really stressful!

Today, I have a giveaway draw for you and the inevitable buy-links.

First, The Hunted and the Hind!


Inadvertently tumbling through the border into the Outlands after Fenn, Sergeant Will Grant of the Metropolitan Police has spent three months imprisoned by the Frem. When Fenn frees him, they step through the border to the Egyptian desert. It’s a two week ocean-liner journey back to England, with the possibility of magical pursuit. Will the journey give Fenn and Will time to resolve the feelings they have been dancing around since the day they met?

Lost in Time, set in 1920s London, was the first book I ever had published and it feels like a decade ago now, although it’s only three years. I started off wondering how someone in our time would contrast with someone born a hundred years earlier…and off I went, with Lew moving back from 2016 to 1919 and falling in love with Alec, a man so-say roughly the same age as him but who’s experiences were so different. They got a HFN at the end of Lost in Time—and I think you can argue that’s the best you can do for any stories set between the two world wars—but I felt that story needed more, so I began a sequel. Fenn, the non-binary not-quite-elf, literally fell onto the page in Shadows on the Border and Will Grant, who is probably my all-time favourite character, became interested in them. Shadows was very unsatisfactory to me. Alec and Lew got their HEA, but poor Will…not so much. I spent a year just letting it all brew and wondering what happened and then made myself sit and write Hunted. It took ages and there were three drafts before I got something that both made sense and I was happy with. So this is the result!

To celebrate release week, I have a giveaway draw running, so to win ecopies of Lost in Time & Shadows on the Border, the first two books in the trilogy, OR an audio copy of Lost in Time, pop over and throw your name in the hat. There are lots of things you can do once you’ve signed up to give yourself more entries


Thank you so much to M.D. Stewart for hosting me today and a happy new year to everyone!

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