Conceivable by Willa Okati – a Review

Conceivable, Roanoke River Omegas 1 is an M/M, mPreg romance by Willa Okati.

This is the first book of Willa Okati’s that I’ve had the pleasure to read. What I really like is the world-building she spins. First of all, I love the Omegaverse, and I’m drawn in by the premise of mPreg, and Conceivable, Roanoke River Omegas 1, is no exception. That being said, the story needs to be a good romance to keep me involved. I’m not into kink-shaming, but some mPregs don’t focus on the romance I enjoy. If you’re into extreme D/s within the Omegaverse, this story isn’t for you.

Second, the characters are fleshed out and believable. We all know that characters drive the book. Without people, a universe is, well, boring and useless. For me,  I have to understand the emotions behind the actions and that means getting to know the main characters. There needs to be a story behind the story without drowning a reader in minute details.

Third, the premise may be “tried-and-true” – best friends to lovers – but Willa makes it work without all the overused platitudes. In fact, that’s what makes this romance so remarkable. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trope, and let’s face it, there are only so many an author can choose from. But, the true measure of a good tale-spinner, is taking a trope and making it yours. Willa Okati accomplishes that in Conceivable.

This story between Alpha Darius and Omega Jory is very sweet, yet steamy. They’ve each hidden their love for the other over years, but Jory’s desire to become a father is all the reason they need to act on their feelings. Willa does a great job of writing the characters so we know there is a deep history between them without dragging the story out with info dumps of memories. The reader gets a true sense of love between them, which really adds to the depth and angst of the story. I’m not a fan of high-angst, but in this tale, it is dosed just high enough to make the HEA a true jewel. I don’t do spoilers, but an HEA is what makes a romance a romance, am I right? This book has just enough bite to make you want these two to fight for their love, and enough sweet to make you sigh in contentment when you finish the book.

Now, their sex scenes are written so beautifully. If you love male/male romance, this is the book for you! Soft, sweet, tender love meets explosive sex and happy endings. You know I don’t do spoilers, but I will say, their hidden feelings really add to the hotness of their lovemaking. IF you aren’t into explicit sex scenes between partners, you might want to reconsider. Me? I love a good bit of steam. If I’m going to invest in a romance I want to see it all, and Willa knows how to make some STEAM!

Keep reading for the blurb of the book and the link to purchase is listed below. I give this a 5-star rating and I encourage you to pick up your own copy so you too can start, what appears to be, a great M/M Omegaverse series!

Conceivable, Roanoke River Omegas 1 by Willa Okati. Available on various eBook retailers including Amazon and Apple Books.


Conceivable Blurb:

Omega Jory’s in love with his best friend, Alpha Darius, and Darius has no idea. Darius’s in love with Jory, and Jory has no idea. But when Jory asks Darius to father his baby, everything’s about to explode. Jory’s body burns with the need to conceive. He’s so hot to be bred he’s insatiable, demanding everything Darius can give — and more. And the more Darius gives, the more Darius wants.

But it’s not all fun and games. Jory’s body wants all the sex it can take, but it isn’t cooperating with conception. And the fluctuating hormones are making Jory a little crazy. Darius’s got to figure out how to save the day and to tell his best friend he wants to be more than friends, for keeps.

What do you do with a drunken sailor? Take him home, build a nest, and get him pregnant… if you can.


You can purchase Conceivable at the following retailers:

Changeling Press, Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo


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