New Release, New Series

I know it’s been ages since I’ve written, sorry about that. I’ve been kicking around the idea of creating a website and/or newsletter. It seems like the more I write, the more I need to learn. I know I’ve covered that before, but dang, there’s always something new to discover.

I have been writing with a publisher, Changeling Press, who have put out three books of mine. The series is called, Paranormal B&B and the fourth book will be released wide (on multiple eBook platforms) on October 4th. They have all four books available on their site already,

As you can probably guess, the stories in the series revolve around a bed and breakfast. This B&B is located in a small fictional town of Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina. In these stories, they are about 20 minutes from the city of Charlotte. The entire series is an LGBTQ paranormal romance with reoccuring visits by characters from other books.

The first book, Born for You, introduces us to Matson Ashby and his love interest Josiah Turner, who was murdered in 1901 and lives on Matson’s property as a ghost. Matson’s always known he was gay, but Josiah discovers this side of himself during this story. As a man who lived in the 1800s, it’s a struggle for him to say the least. Matson must also overcome small town politics and prejudice to open his dream bed and breakfast in his hometown. This is a MM romance.

Born an Empty Soul, Paranormal B&B 2, tells the story of Barclay Thompson. Raised by uncaring parents in the small, ultra-conservative, town of Prenter’s Bottom. As a result, he’s always hidden his true nature; even from himself. When he and his wife, Laura, meet the lead singer of Barclay’s favorite rock band, Empty Soul a night of passion between has Barclay questioning his long-held beliefs. Killian, has used the band to travel the world to make his life as a Psychic Vampire easier. He syphons the excess energy from others to compensate for the hole in his own aura, draining his lifeforce. Living in Prenter’s Bottom means denying a side of himself Barclay must accept to claim Killian as his own and save his soul. This is a MMF ménage romance.

In Born a Changeling, Paranormal B&B 3, we meet Ben Travers, a single father to five year-old Seda. Ben’s husband committed suicide when their daughter was an infant, leaving Ben to struggle putting his life back together. While staying at the B&B, Seda finds and adopts a cat, who turns out to be much more. Cambrai is a hellhound shifter who protects the Queen of the Supernatural, Hecate. When evil forces try to abduct Seda, Ben and Cam must fight to protect the innocent child. This is a MM shifter non-MPREG romance.

The newest release is Born a Halfling, Paranormal B&B 4. This is a MMM romance that brings together a security guard, a drag queen and a young half-angel/half-demon. Michael is a Marine vet who was injured in Afghanistan during an insurgent attack on his base. He’s sent to Bagram AFB for emergency medical treatment and meets Jessie, an Air force Security Forces member. They turn to each other to explore their secret passions. Te’Garth, the young halfling, is abducted by a demon who forces a Claiming bite on the young man. Garth unexpectedly teleports to Michael, a man he’s dream shared with since childhood, while he’s working at Chasers. Together the three must find a way to save Garth from the fatal Claiming bite before it’s too late.

I’m currently writing the fifth, and (I think) the last book in the series, a MM romance, Born a Demon. The reoccurring theme in this paranormal romance series is love and acceptance; not only of others, but of yourself as well.

I hope you join me on this journey! Check my Amazon author page, for these and my other books. Also, I’m on Pinterest as M.D. Stewart, Author, if you want to check out my inspirations for these and other stories.

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