Thank you Aimee Ann

I haven’t been writing on my blog, and I hate that it’s been almost a month! I’ve been really busy writing, editing and promoting my books. I’ve also been listening to my released books and making little corrections here and there and republishing them.

Bran, the second book in the Fae Shifters series came out today, and I put the first book, Devitt on sale for 0.99 until January 23rd. I hope it helps bring fans to my books. I think I have everything readers might like. A series based on romance and aliens (The Psy-Bond, Watchers and Crossing the Line Series) and a series based on romance and shifters (Fae Shifters Series).

Devitt Fae Shifters Book One

Speaking of a the Fae Shifters, I got another stellar review from Aimee Ann at over at Red Headed Book Lovers blog! She’s amazing and I appreciate her reviews so much! I thought I’d attach the review for Devitt, and I hope you follow her blog if you haven’t already!

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