Born for You, on sale .99

On SALE for a limited time for .99
Josiah is a ghost, Matson is an out and proud historian. Can they overcome death, and a small town’s prejudice and find happiness together? This is an LGBTQ paranormal romance and the first in a four-book in an LBGTQ paranormal romance series. Book five coming soon!


Ghost stories for Halloween? Yes, please!

And this is not just a ghost story, it’s the beginning of a paranormal romance series called Paranormal B&B!

The book is featured in several promotional sites, this being one: Many Books Free eBooks and Deals for 10/21

ARCs – It’s a Learning Curve

So I just recently found out about ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) and the websites that allow you to post them. I freaked out because they ask for different format types than my trusty docx. I felt like I was thrown into the deep end of the pool when I didn’t even know what a pool was. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. And I might have to apologize to my husband for the resulting pouting, whining and grumpiness.

I found Calibre and learned how to add my books and convert the files and then how to put them on Booksprout. Wow. I feel like I accomplished so much! So I have four books out there as an ARC (I don’t even know if that is the correct verbiage).  But I do have a new release on Amazon as well. That makes a total of 7 books! You can check them out from my author page on Amazon and for only 0.99 you too can escape into my Universe of aliens!

Promoting My Book

I don’t know how many times I’ve groaned when I’ve seen friends I haven’t spoken to in years, perhaps decades all of a sudden friend request me. It’s not that I don’t want to connect with someone I knew from the past, but I know it’s usually because they’re trying to sell me something. Most times…I’m right. It starts out with a message of;

Them: “Hey! OMG it’s been like FOREVER. How have you been?”

Me: “Doing fine. Thanks. How about you?”

Them: “I’m wonderful! I used to have (fill in the blank with something like fatigue, pain, etc.) but now I found something that works to help me (fill in the blank with the opposite of previous blank above). I’d love to tell you about it. Look at this website……


First of all if it includes something to help me lose weight or fight my fibro I’ve TRIED it already. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them wanting to help me, but I really think I have tried everything and it didn’t work. Seriously, I’m glad it worked for them, but it didn’t for me.

Now though, I feel more for them. I want people to buy my book. Not because it’s going to change their life. It won’t make them lose weight or fight pain and fatigue. But I hope it helps them escape their troubles for a bit and entertain them.

Recently my editor has given me sites to promote my book that won’t require the blood of my first born child (or, you know lots of money). That helps me tremendously. The whole point of having books out there is to get people to read them. Hopefully they will like them and want to read my other books. I won’t deny wanting to make some money, right now just enough to break even would be awesome. But mostly I really want people to read and LIKE my stuff.

One site I’ve been perusing was one of the sites my editor has given me,  Author Marketing Club where they help struggling authors like myself promote my book. Now I’ll be the first to admit it seems too good to be true, but if they can help me, I’m in. Especially if it doesn’t call for half my soul or most especially my bank account. Like I said, I don’t want to get rich necessarily (although that would be something I’d say no to) but I want people to find my book and read it.

I’ve gone over their site and honestly, I’d love to have help promoting myself and my books. I need to look more professional and I don’t want to be one of those people who reach out to people I barely knew in high school 30+ years ago and try to push my books.