Demon Entanglements Series

Loved by a Kraken by Alexa Piper A demon and a coder find themselves falling in love while witches try to pull them apart. Fian needs to find a suitable plus one for his brother’s wedding, and since his demon brother is marrying a human, Fian decides to bring a human to the wedding as … Continue reading Demon Entanglements Series

Supernatural LGBTQ Love Giveaway is LIVE!

So far, this giveaway is successful! There are 26 books available and 24 authors who are participating. As of last stats about 250 books have been claimed by readers! I can't tell you how much that means to me. I want every author to find success. Below is a slideshow of all the books available. … Continue reading Supernatural LGBTQ Love Giveaway is LIVE!