Encourage Your Author Friends

Even if you don’t read their stuff

So, I have become discouraged in my writing. I love doing it, and I hope those that read my books enjoy them, but I hoped I’d be more successful by now. I knew I wouldn’t be a “best seller” yet, but I still feel like I’m struggling to get my fan base. I get it too; not everyone will like my genre or my characters, not even how I choose to portray … well all of it!

Maybe it’s the cold weather that’s making me feel discouraged. Last night, I told my husband, Goose I was about to just give up on paying for promotions. It didn’t seem to be panning out. When I started writing, I had no idea I’d have to pay for promos. I just didn’t think of it. I knew quality covers would cost me money. As with anything, first impressions are important and I wanted good covers to draw the eye. I wanted to capture a reader’s interest. 

I knew I’d need an editor (I’m so glad I have one! She’s pulled my burning mess from the fire, slapped out the flames, and helped me save a few stories) but I never considered promotions! That’s where my editor has guided me as well. She’s not just helped repair my books, she’s been a mentor and friend. 

In this world of self-publishing, anyone can write something, grab a cheap five dollar cover off some website, and put it out on the web. I’ve read a few of those books, because I love to read as well as write, and I want to try out new authors. Sadly, with some, I’ve sat there shaking my head at the mistakes. Not only grammar, but with flow and consistency. Someone is wearing a blue dress and the next sentence it’s a red shirt and blue jeans.

In one book I just finished, the male protagonist has just learned to drive that day so he can take the female main character into town for the first time, but the female is remembering him taking her to town not long ago. It’s important to have small details like that caught by an editor. At least to me! I want to put out books that when someone reads it, they aren’t distracted by details not matching up. 

But, I digress. As I stated earlier, I had told my husband that I’m about to give up. And bless him, he said “You can’t give up now!” That’s all I needed to hear. I felt better after that. I know, to me at least, I feel like I’m throwing good money after bad, just trying to get people to discover my books.

Maybe Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction Romance, and unconventional love between characters isn’t your cup of tea, but if you know someone who DOES like that sort of book, how about sending them to my Amazon Author page, http://amazon.com/author/mdstewart and let them look around?

That’s how you can help a struggling author, even if you hate to read or hate their chosen genre. Tell your friends about them, maybe someone will like what your author friend writes and they tell someone else. 

And for those who have read my stuff, please leave a review. If you can’t on Amazon, you can at Good Reads. Reviews also help undecided readers consider if they are willing to pay for a book. Especially for a new author. All my books have reviews now (thanks to BookSprout) and they average 4.5 out of 5 stars, so that makes me happy.

Help your struggling author friends by just letting others know about their endeavors. Send them an encouraging post, telling them you like this cover or heard from a friend that book is good. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. That way they don’t feel like their screaming in the wind and no one can hear them. Kind words mean a lot!  


Waiting for Edits

Not A Pargon of Patience

I can’t honestly say I’m a patient person. Just ask my old boss. She gave me my lowest scores on my evaluations on my patience. Or lack thereof. 

I turned in books for editing and I check my email daily to see if she’s sent back my book yet. I know she’s busy (much love to you my dear, you’re my shero) She not only works as an author herself, and is a mom, but she has other authors she also edits. I, on the other hand, just spend my days writing or planning on writing. 

I’m really trying to get my books out there, I just need to learn how to wait. I need to work on my other books and not let my impatience take over. I know it’s hard for me to do but I hope I have a few fans who are also impatient for one of my books. Or a few of them.

I’m currently working on several different things right now. The third book in the Fae Shifter Series, Rhys (Devitt’s best friend). I’m also working on the third book in The Watcher’s series and I’m playing around with my new series about The Beings’ Homeworld. I also have two books that I’ve been working on that have nothing to do with any other series I’ve got on Amazon. One is a contemporary romance and the other is a dystopian future book that will become a series.

I actually do have two books with my editor so hopefully I can get a one out soon, but I also know that it takes time to get quality out there. I guess I will have to learn that patience is a virtue. 

I Love to Write

I have always loved to write. I’ve always had an enormous imagination. I love science fiction. Probably because my dad raised me to be a Trekkie. When I was in labor with my oldest son, they were showing advertisements for the new Star Trek The Next Generation television series. I walked the halls of the hospital, doing Lamaze breathing and shaking my head over the fact that a Klingon was on board the Enterprise! It was a travesty! Turns out I was wrong about Worf. He was a good guy.

That all sounds like some strange things to say. After all, it was a television show, but to me, it was a life that was being played out somewhere. If nothing else, it was inside someone’s head. I want to create that world for others that they can lose themselves in. I want readers to think about my characters as friends who help them escape their problems for a while. I want to take them on a ride they feel good taking and can’t wait to ride again.

I have eight books on Amazon and I have so many ideas in my head. I give my characters a chance to tell their stories so my readers can take that ride. I hop on that ride too, as write. It’s almost addictive, like a drug. But I can’t help it, I love to write. 

Shut up and take my money

This whole ‘promo’ thing is so new to me. I’m not sure where I should spend my money and where I should just say “pass.” Right now, I’m like a kid in a candy store! Anything shiny or pretty I just want for my own.

I’m probably spending way too much on things that aren’t doing me any good at all, but I still can’t resist. When I get my credit card statement, I wince and swear I won’t do this next month. Yeah, I’ve said that since I first realized I needed to get my books out there to the public. I’m so green I’m sure it’s like “Shut up and take my money!”

I love my new banner though. I have just this one for Harliss done, but I’m pretty darn sure I’m going to get the rest of my books their own pretty banner. “Shut up and take my money!”

I’ll never break even if I spend so much on promos, but I’ll never sell enough books if I don’t have promos. One day I’ll learn all there is to know about being a self-published author, but until then, “Shut up and take my money!”

If you have any advice, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email,  and I’d be happy to listen.

Welcome new readers

I wanted to thank each of you who hopped on over and followed my blog. I know I might lose some of you and I appreciate you even clicking! But I hope some of you stay and even comment. I’d love the interaction. It’s lonely out here in blog land at times.

If you haven’t already checked out my Amazon Author Page I’d love for you to stop by and look at the books I have listed. While most take place in one Universe, I’m working on the second book in my Fae Shifters series. So if you like hot men who turn into animals…literally, you might check out Devitt . His father’s story will be coming soon. I’m working on it now and will get it to my editor soon. Most of the shifter series will be menage stories. There will be a spin-off about witches (and maybe other magical groups mentioned in Dev’s story).

I will also be starting a series based on the original aliens in my first book Mine, The Beings. They will also be menage stories, which will make sense since they used human DNA to fix their reproductive issues!

Hey if you have any questions please feel free to email me at mdstewartauthor@gmail.com or find me on Facebook,  M.D. Stewart

Halloween Hop Visits

I want to thank you for stopping by! I’m a struggling author that loves to write. I hope the readers get some enjoyment from my books. These characters are real to me. I’ve lived with them for months and I feel like I love them like my friends. Goodness knows they don’t say bad things to me lol. They also don’t do my laundry, but hey, they don’t dirty my dishes either!

So take a look around my little Universe and if you feel so inclined to visit my Facebook author page or my Amazon Author Page. When you enter to win my free eBook let me know what book you’d like from my back list.

New Release

I never thought I’d be able to say I have eight books “out there”. The characters in my head, and my Muse are smug, but I still feel I’m not reaching my potential. I know each parent thinks their children are perfect. So too, do authors think their books are entertaining. But this new book I’m releasing today? I really feel if enough people read it, they will love it and tell others about it … and me.

Being a new author is like jumping into a dark hole. You never know what you’re going to hit on your way down. But ‘Double Time’ is, to my mind, a unique take on Science Fiction. Most of my books all tie in to the same M.D. Universe (except Devitt, he lives in his own Universe – separate from the aliens). Some characters do cross-over either by name or actual visits. To me it’s important to not let some of my babies disappear into the great beyond.

I hope this book is read and enjoyed by many. I just want to share the stories in my head and hope those who read them get drawn into my Universe and like it!